Wednesday, November 22, 2000

Parasite Eve II

Genre: Action / Role Playing Game
Platform: Playstation
Credits: 2000 Squaresoft, Square Enix.

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Cover Description:
The threat returns. Aya Brea is back. The Neo Mitochondrion Creature infestation has resurfaced and taken on a sinister twist. The outcome of this battle will determine earth's dominant species.

Horrifying CG cinemas and sharper graphics bring the shocking new storyline to life as Aya hunts for the source of the outbreak. Fully-upgradable weapons, customizable armor, and a new, real-time battle system will aid in the conflict, along with powerful new Parasite Energy abilities.

NOTE: This description was written sometime in 1998 and was recorded in the classic Otaku Fridge as ??.??.1998. Unfortunately the database would not accept non-numerical values, so this review is now dated January 01, 1998 by default.

Parasite Eve 2: The Biohazard Clone >>> by skysenshi
The first Parasite Eve game was okay. It wasn't too great because of the redundancy that is predominant in the EX mode, especially in the Chrysler Building's windowless, boring existence. However, it had great gameplay. I loved the gameplay so much that I became the only gamer in my family who finished the EX mode at level 71. I had stayed long enough to get to that level.

I wasn't satisfied with the game, though. So I wished for a sequel. In my mind the sequel would probably make up for the shortcomings of the first game.

I was wrong.

I would give Parasite Eve 2 a -100 rating if it were permitted, but alas! I'm only allowed to give it a minimum of 1/10.

What on earth was SquareSoft thinking in creating a Biohazard clone of one great cinematic RPG? The controls were a mess! You'd have to use the left and right cursors to rotate clockwise or counterclockwise, and the up and down cursors to go forward or backward. Yes, it would sound like I'm probably a wuss for not being able to master Biohazard's control, but if you want a game to be as realistic as possible, you'd at least want to feel like you can walk naturally.

As for the battle system, not only is it bad that you can't walk or run normally, it's also weird that you can't even focus on an enemy. Why can't we just not be able to run the way we want to and then let us have difficulty focusing on an enemy or vice-versa? No, sir, we just had to have difficulty in both areas.

The inventory system sucks. As if the first PE's inventory wasn't bad enough, they had to worsen your armor's status in the sequel! What? Ah, now I get it. Aya became more uh... daring in the sequel so she had to show more skin and less of the armor and all the space it could give! The armor has to be particularly thin too, so raging male hormones will not have difficulty having their eyes pierce through her clothes. Never mind the fact that enemy attacks could just as easily pierce through that flimsy armor.

What happened to the tools? Tools in PE1 was able to let our imaginations soar with regards to customizing weapons and armor. Now it's just attach or detach something. Yawn.

Now here's something a bit interesting. At least they didn't scrimp on the storyline. PE2 seems to be more intriguing than the first PE. I will not give out the entire story since I don't want somebody to suddenly shoot me for spoiling it, but I could say Aya's relationship with her mitochondria has somehow been given more emphasis, unlike in the first game when it was just plain confusing messed-up science.

If you find the game a bit tedious, you'll find the story quite riveting. In fact, I had to let my boyfriend continue some ugly parts for me just because I wanted to see how the story would progress.

This is where SquareSoft really has proven itself yet again how great they are when it comes to graphics and sounds. The CG here are even better than in PE1. Aya's emotions are clearer, and she looks like somebody who can get scared easily. That makes her tough-girl attitude more realistic as it shows how she is coping with the 2-disc nightmare.

The soundtrack is still as beautiful as in the first PE. Eerie, and yet surprisingly mysterious and haunting -- that's how I would describe the general theme. If there's something you must buy that's PE2-related, you might as well buy the soundtrack. It's worth it.

Play this game again? Uh-uh. Not even if somebody offers to pay me a billion dollars to repeat the game. PE1 was bad enough, with that boring Chrysler Building and the numerous window-less floors. PE2 is worse! I heard there are 4 modes in PE2. I'd rather take their word for it, than find out for myself if it were true. You'd have to be really desperate (or writing a walkthrough) if you have to do everything all over again 4 times -- as if the first time wasn't already tedious enough!

To buy or to rent? If you still want to play this game after the horrid description I gave you, then you should just probably rent it. Better yet, borrow from your neighbors or something so you won't spend anything. The graphics can be enjoyed from any SquareSoft game, and you can always buy the soundtrack. The game itself isn't even worth a single cent.

If you're a Biohazard fan, just stick to Biohazard, since it has a more original game concept. There's no use trying to settle for just another Biohazard clone that calls itself Parasite Eve 2.

RATINGS: Gameplay 1; Battle 1; Story 7; Visuals 10; Characters 7; Sounds 10; Replay Value 1

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