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Kishin Doji Zenki

Genre: Supernatural / Comedy / Action
General Audience
1995. Yoshihiro Kuroiwa (creator). Junichi Nishimura (director). Studio Dhin. TV Tokyo. Screenshots courtesy of AnimeArt.

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Cover Description:
One thousand years ago, all manner of evil creatures beset Earth. Only the high priest, Ozuno, could control the guardian demon named Zenki and protect the world. Fearful that no one would ever be able to control the destructive Zenki, Ozuno sealed the creature in a stone monument before he passed on.

In modern day, a young priestess named Chiaki Ozuno uncovers the monument. Strange demonic objects known as the Seeds of Evil have been appearing once again, and with them come doom for all mankind. Chiaki's only chance is to summon Zenki! Will she find a way to control him, or will Earth's salvation spell her destruction?

(51 episodes)

NOTE: Some of the reviews were written sometime in 1999 and was recorded in the classic Otaku Fridge as ??.??.1999. Unfortunately the database would not accept non-numerical values, so this review is now dated January 01, 1999 by default.

You can't wait to see each episode. >>> by firesenshi
At first, Kishin Doji Zenki starts out as your typical monster-of-the-day type of anime wherein demonic Seeds of Evil are scattered and whoever it clings to becomes the enemy Zenki has to fight. And also at first, would you actually consider the little obnoxious midget as your hero? Where did all the bishounen go? Ahh... but all this changes once you meet Chiaki and when she summons the mighty Zenki, things get well... totally better!

The art is rendered very nicely especially during the summoning parts where Zenki receives his own transformation phase. Transformation? I hear a gulp... does that mean cheesy? Hardly. They add to the wow factor and a prelude to something exciting in that episode. That's always a marker for most anime. But what I love most about Zenki is the concept of demons and magic. Battling evil supernatural forces have always been my favorite! And like I told you, the monster-of-the-day part would only be there at first. When you thought you figured everything out, a new cool exciting character appears or something more is revealed of Zenki.

My favorite character here is actually the brown-haired, albeit big-boobed character Kazue whose specialty is the gun, and the monk Sohma whose specialty is lightning. Try this anime on for size. Not only will you enjoy the battle scenes and story, you'll get to have a lot of those comedic moments to break the ice!

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 9; Characters 9; Sounds 9

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