Monday, January 1, 2001


Genre: Mecha / Space Adventure
Parental Guidance Recommended
1982-1983. Noboru Ishiguro (creator). Tatsunoko Productions.

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Cover Description:
As the Macross, a massive alien ship recently rebuilt, begins its maiden voyage, it accidentally destroys an alien spacecraft belonging to the Zentradi! The resulting war forces the humans far from their homeland! And a new pilot, Ichijo Hikaru, joins the fray.

(36 episodes)

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There are many reasons why this is a classic. >>> by firesenshi

The plot: In 2009, a group of aliens called Zentraedi are attacking Earth. The Zentraedi are a race of giant aliens with a culture totally different from those on Earth. Super Dimension Fortress Macross is like a city in itself where citizens and military installations are based to defend Earth. However, because of failure, the Macross fortress is moving away from the Solar System and being susceptible to more alien attacks. The story centers on one of the pilots of the Valkyrie ships, Hikaru Ichijo. Here he meets Lyn Minmay, an aspiring singer who later becomes Miss Macross in order to provide inspiration to those at war. There is also the elusive Misa Hayase, a first lieutenant on the bridge who becomes Hikaru's superior. A story of great space wars, politics and love, Macross is one of the anime classics you should not miss.

There are many reasons why this is a classic. Let me count the whys:

  1. Outstanding mecha design, ships, universe and fortress in a envisioning the future of humanity in space.
  2. Grand storyline involving a war between humans and aliens. If you look at it, there is more than just thoughts of invasion or world domination here. The story focuses not only on defending humans from aliens but it contrasts the very aspects of humanity that the aliens don't have.
  3. Great characterization. Hikaru Ichijo isn't the perfect guy but you'll be sure to admire him. Add that with the beautiful Lyn Minmay, a singer who serves as an inspiration to a fortress built for a war and at the same time, the fortress's secret weapon against the aliens. You think she's the girl you want to marry. But the characterization is hardly unpredictable with the addition of Misa Hayase, the lieutenant who graduated on top of her class, assigned to the bridge of the fortress. What is it with her and Hikaru that she has to disagree with Hikaru's stubborness? She is my favorite character because she's not only strong, she's smart and beautiful -- you know, all the cool elements that make a heroine and a perfect contrast against the favorite sweetheart Lyn Minmay. Expect some side stories here from other police aboard the Super Dimension Fortress Macross and on the side of the aliens.
  4. Space battle scenes that are just in a word... wow.

I only mentioned four. Those familiar with the Robotech/Macross series, despite the modification of that dub, have been addicted. The original one only has one promise -- this is a classic. Care to figure out the addiction?

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 10; Story 10; Characters 10; Sounds 10

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