Monday, January 1, 2001

Vampire Hunter D The Movie

Genre: Dark
Parental Guidance Recommended
Director: Toyoo Ashida
Based upon the novel by: Hideyuki Kikuchi
Animation production by: Ashi Productions Co., Ltd.

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Cover Description:
In the year 12,090 AD, the Earth has fallen into the clutches of ruthless Vampires - Humans are enslaved by a corrupted feudal system. Only one being has dared to challenge the cruel authority of these arrogant immortals - the mysterious Vampire Hunter called "D".

A beautiful young villager, Doris, has been targeted by Count Magnus Lee and his clan for the harsh doom of belonging to the Count. In desperation, Doris promises herself to the enigmatic hunter in exchange for the extermination of these tyrannical monsters. Before "D" can execute his plans, the Count abducts Doris, forcing "D" to forge into the bloody reign of the House of Lee.

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Made me feel all nostalgic again >>> by Draco Paladin
This was actually the first serious anime that I watched after a few years. I actually refrained from watching those Golion (Voltron) series. They paled in comparison to the Super Robots before them. So Vampire Hunter D was my first adult theme anime to see. I heard that they were doing a remake. Just made me feel all nostalgic again.

The story is set in post apocalyptic earth. Where vampires have come to rule the earth. The story starts when a young girl is bitten by a vampire. And she enlists the aid of D. Vampires here act like the nobility. And from their point of view their existence is justified.

You ask why his name is only a letter? Probably has a hard time pronouncing his name so he shortened it. But seriously, you will know the reason at the end. One interesting theme here is the struggle of D with his humanity. It is like what all of us regular human dudes go through. I mean, everyday we struggle with choosing the right path. Trying to do what is good and avoiding what is bad. At least that is I presume most of us are trying to do.

There is gore. But compared to the other anime coming out right now, it seems pale in comparison. I don't know about the remake though. I was always fascinated by werewolves and vampires and those supernatural stuff. So this one really has a special place for me.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 8; Characters 9; Sounds 7

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