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Weiß Kreuz (Knight Hunters) OAV

Genre: Shounen / Action
Parental Guidance Recommended
2000 Takehito Koyasu, Project Weiß, Studio DEEN

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Thundersenshi's Description:
Weiß Kreuz is an elite assassin force comprised of Youji, Aya, Ken and Omi. They are hunters of the night, ridding Japan of crime with their own justice tainted in blood.

Someone out there is determined to see the fall of Weiß Kreuz, and it looks like they have found the perfect plan for it. The four assassins find themselves trapped in a deadly game of deceit, where the question of honor versus duty comes to surface. Now they must fight for their own reasons to survive--and there can be only be one victor in this field of death.

(4 episodes)

NOTE: Some of the reviews were written sometime in 2001 and was recorded in the classic Otaku Fridge as ??.??.2001. Unfortunately the database would not accept non-numerical values, so this review is now dated January 01, 2001 by default.

Deathmatch Animated. >>> by thundersenshi
What distinguishes the Weiß Kreuz OAV from the actual TV series? The art is better--but of course the artwork always improves in OAVs! The fast-beat and catchy tunes are similar to those you heard (and loved) in this series' TV version. Nothing like good music to set the mood for watching the gorgeous Weiß boys--excuse me, men--in action, ne? Yep, we still get those excellent fight scenes. After all, Weiß Kreuz isn't Weiß Kreuz without it. And not that it's possible, but let's not forget our four kakkoii bishounen (ah, assassinations had never looked so hot!). Plot-wise, nothing's changed, either. Learn the mission, hunt, then kill. Not that I've ever complained, but notice with all these said, the OAV doesn't seem much different from a regular TV episode.

True, it isn't. But the OAV does offer something the TV version doesn't--a clash of wills between the members of Weiß Kreuz! You have to admit that's a pretty interesting, not to mention exciting, concept. Things get more personal as they take on each other in the battlefield. And finally we get a glimpse of how Youji, Ken, Aya and Omi weigh their responsibilities--are their actions determined by their hearts, or their minds?


Not meaning to end this review with a one-word statement that makes me out as a warfreak, I would like to add that you keep an open mind when you watch this. Of course we all love Ken, Aya, Omi and Youji...especially Youji, for my part. But for curiousity's sake, wouldn't you like to find out what would really happen if these four guys fought each other to the death? I would. Especially since this time, it's not just some fan dictating his/her bloody, morbid thoughts of anime characters killing each other.

Note: By the way, Ken Hidaka fans, your favorite character seems to have more focus here than the others. Usually it's Aya, isn't it? That's not the case this time, though.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 10; Story 8; Characters 10; Sounds 10

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