Tuesday, August 7, 2001

Niea_7 (Niea Under 7)

Genre: Sci-Fi / Comedy
General Audience
2000. Yoshitoshi Abe, Yasuyuki Ueda, Chiaki J. Konaka. (creator). Takuya Satoh (director). Triangle Staff. WOWOW. Screenshots courtesy of http://john.trevor.org/niea

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Cover Description:
As a starving student, Mayuko's life consists of many part-time jobs, a small apartment over a bathhouse, and sleepless study nights. Unfortunately for her sanity, this hard life is complicated by Niea. Niea is a young 7th class under-alien who is living in Mayuko's closet, building flying saucers out of trash, eating Mayuko's food and being a bum. Compared to this stress, the man eating plants and the curry wars are nothing...

(13 episodes)

zzzzzzzzzzzz.......... >>> by firesenshi
When I found out that this was actually from the creators of Lain (and seeing clearly from the artwork with that), a simple kind of 'sitcom' anime might prove to be something well... less dark than Lain. Well, you can't find anything really dark here and the setting is by far totally refreshing but unlike Lain, nothing groundbreaking. I suppose it could have been something in Mayuko we can relate to, or to foreigners, learn from about how hard it is to live in Japan but then, this is not entirely sitcom. Mayuko isn't supposed to live a totally ordinary life as she is living with an alien. (I mean, how many Japanese actually live with those.) Life is indeed crazy for her and occasionally, we laugh at the "domestic violence" that happens in the tiny apartment. Niea is a mischievous little... er... brat. Their relationship is one highly incompatible, highly unordinary, yet totally touching. Err... that sounds nice, isn't it? Maybe. It would have been better if the dialogues didn't rely on too much plate-throwing (the poor curry) or mischievous arguments all the time. Or it would have been better if the drama didn't depend too much on Mayuko reminiscing that an episode could be filled with her monologues. I guess I find the script a little too boring. Nor did I find the characters interesting.

All in all... well... I did hear some people say that they found some parts touching and funny. But me... zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz....

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 5; Characters 5; Sounds 8

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