Tuesday, September 4, 2001

Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach

Genre: Shoujo / Magical Girl
General Audience
1995 - 1996 TENYU, Yazawa Nao/Shougakukan, TV Tokyo, NAS, KSS

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Skysenshi's Description:
Rain Devila's unrequited love and misguided sense of betrayal leads her to a dark path where war between the tenshi kai (world of angels) and the akuma kai (world of demons) has become inevitable. A powerful warrior disrupts the balance and almost destroys the tenshi . The feud continues until the present time and Rain Devila now sets out to destroy all love in the world by sending her minions to disrupt relationships.

...The tenshi 's only hope is a legendary warrior known as Wedding Peach.

(51 episodes)

Is it a SailorMoon rip-off? >>> by skysenshi
Boy that was one hard synopsis to write. I had to keep a straight face! Anyway, like the title implies, I believe it's a SailorMoon rip-off. In SailorMoon, those twirly henshin sequences and flying ribbons and colored make-up kits look really cute, but here... I've seen it all before. It also seems to have inherited BSSM's penchant for ridiculous attack names (saint mirror bridal flash, saint lip liner lily rainbow). What tongue twisters! Well, at least they aren't as bad as "Gentle Star Uterus" but they're getting there. They have an original concept, though I don't care much for it: the girls can not only transform into leggy battle fighters (sailor-suited), they can also transform into brides. What the... Well, okay they need this to build up energy coming from the power of *cough cough* love. How mushy can you get? I guess 5 seasons of SailorMoon can make anyone go postal and swear off titles such as this one!

That part of me that's a bit disturbed by this anime is the idea of love getting stronger everytime a couple gets married. I can definitely relate with how the villain, Rain Devila, feels about this concept. It's just too idealistic and candy-coated, or maybe I'm just getting a little bit too old for this? What I know is that it just might give young, impressionable girls the idea that love and marriage is all about fluff and sugar. (Is it any wonder that the divorce rates are going up? We don't really need something like this to help pad the statistics.)

There are some good things I can say about it, nevertheless: Yanagiba Kazuya, Angel Salvia, and... and... All right, I'm stumped. Oh, yes! Momoko and that dude who's always picking a quarrel with her, although that angle has a bit of Usagi-Mamoru (again, from Sailormoon) semblance to it. Their love story has a bit of irony in it, though, and will definitely remind you of Romeo and Juliet. There's pretty good history in there too, especially when it comes to the backgrounds of the tenshi and the akuma.

Okay now you're wondering how come I got to the part where the redhead Angel Salvia came in... I swear I had no choice! I was bored and had nothing to see, and nothing to play on the PlayStation.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 8; Characters 6; Sounds 6

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