Friday, September 14, 2001

Final Fantasy OAV: Legend of the Crystals

Genre: Fantasy
General Audience
Credits: 1994 SquareSoft, Urban Vision


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Skysenshi's Description:
Planet R's beautiful existence is maintained by the four magical crystals of Earth, Water, Fire and Wind. Long ago, dark forces stole the crystals and threatened to destroy the planet. But valiant heroes fought against these unwanted elements, and peace was restored. Two centuries later, three of the four crystals have again been stolen by the ancient evil. Linaly and Prettz, the young descendants of yesteryears' heroes, are all that remain to protect the last crystal from falling into the wrong hands.

You think Zidane looks like a chimp? Wait till you see Pretz! >>> by skysenshi

Honestly, I was so bored by this anime that the sheer thought of reviewing it made me want to go to sleep. I'm an avid gamer who's a big fan of the Final Fantasy RPG series, thus I had high expectations for this FF-based anime. When the video started playing, I was very much entranced by the opening theme and the chocobo music. I was reminded those early 16-bit FF games where everything was pixelated, cute, and cuddly. Then came the disappointment: the hero and his love interest. I swear, no game characters could look as ugly as these two. Not even the chimpy-looking Zidane of Final Fantasy IX. It all went downhill after that. The camera kept focusing on Linaly's panties the whole time, like anybody with normal mental faculty is actually going to be interested. The chocobos look like their feathers had just been plucked off in time for Thanksgiving. The other characters had no distinct personalities at all. They were funny to a point, but when you realize that the story isn't really going anywhere, you'd just lose whatever interest you had. I wasn't even half-way through FF when I started yawning and wishing I could put several toothpicks between my eyelids just to keep myself awake. Not even the great musical scoring could save this one. I guess my general theory regarding anime-tized video games was just proven true. 90% of them don't justify the legendary games they are based on.

Oh, well... I guess only Capcom, creator of Street Fighter and Fatal Fury, seems to have gotten the right formula for creating excellent video-game-based Japanese animation (lame Western adaptations not included)!

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 5; Story 7; Characters 7; Sounds 9

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