Monday, September 3, 2001

Sakura Wars (Sakura Taisen) OAV

Genre: Shoujo / Action / Mecha
General Audience
1997 Ouji Hiroi, Takaaki Ishiyama, d-rights, Madhouse Studios, Sakura Wars Production Committee, Sega

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Cover Description:
The year is 1919. The world has barely survived the first Demon War and the next is about to begin. Conventional weapons won't cut it, neither will conventional soldiers. Humanity needs the Few, the Proud, the Pure: the Spirit Warriors. Recruited from around the world, these women are beautiful both inside and out, but can they master their steam-powered spirit weapons in time? This is the world of Sakura Wars, an all-new animation epic based on the best selling video game that took Japan by storm.

(4 episodes)

Great eye candy! >>> by skysenshi
I was simply amazed at the beauty of the artwork and animation of Sakura Taisen OAV. The girls are so cool and they get to pilot pastel-colored ah... those thingamajigs (I don't think I can call those mechs). Not only that! They also participate in stage plays when they are not out fighting a war! I don't think I can name one character that I actually hate -- not even the spoiled brat Sumire -- because even when situations get out of hand and quarrels break out now and then; each exudes a different flavor that certainly spices things up. My favorite fighter, to name one, is actually Kanna. Yeah, she's a big lug but I dunno... I just like her color! Heh.

My one big complaint I have about the OAV is that there seems to be a big gap in between episodes. It's a bit hard to explain. Say for example -- don't kill me for this possible spoiler -- Kanna leaves the team for a particular reason, and she'd be gone for a few episodes. Then suddenly she reappears again in one episode with no explanation whatsoever about how she resolved her problem. She's just there instantly -- and blending well with the group as if nothing had happened, I might add. It's not just this instance. There are many other events like this that aren't explained properly. Too bad the story flow isn't as fluid as its animation.

Good thing I had a remedy for this dilemma: I watched Sakura Taisen TV series a few months after. Now there's where I found the rest of the missing scenarios.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 7; Characters 10; Sounds 10

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