Saturday, September 22, 2001

Shinseiki Lensman The Movie

Genre: Sci-Fi / Fantasy
General Audience
1984 - 1985 E.E. Smith (Lensman series of novels), MK

Everything Lensman
Cover Description:
The Galactic Patrol, an inter-galactic police force in the 25th Century, is pitted against the evil Boskone Horde. A dying Lensman entrusts young Kimball Kinnison with a mysterious Lens containing vital information needed to destroy the Boskone.

Outgunned and overmatched, the only hope for survival lies in the hands of the Lensmen - an elite group of heroes who are able to tap into the cosmic power of the universe!

The classic EE (Doc) Smith story comes to the screen! Join Kimball Kinnison in his fight against the evil Boskone ... and see some revolutionary computer graphics for the mid 1980's (that was modeled at NYIT, no less!)

Star Wars Syndrome. >>> by skysenshi

Meet Luke... err... Kim, who has a father who dresses up like Han Solo and a love interest whose hairstyle rivals that of Princess Leia. He also has a big buddy the size of Chubaka. What's more fascinating is that the monsters/aliens drawn here are so uniquely done that I can only think of one other title that they remind me of: Star Wars.

Don't get me wrong, though, the artwork and plot make it completely on its own. You must admit that for an 80s flick Lensman is quite innovative. It made use of an advanced technology that is now regularly seen in many anime productions: combining 3D CG with animated drawings. The artwork is relatively okay, considering this one came from the 80s. The important thing is, they aimed to innovate.

As for the story, many people would argue that the young-heroes-saving-the-universe-from-evil-empire scenario has been done so many times. This was an anime that sprouted from the Voltron generation, so the essential aspects we should take into consideration when analyzing it is how the characters blend well with their environment and with each other. In other words, this is a feel-good movie and thus must remain as is, without any complications that would make it stray from its original objective.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 8; Characters 8; Sounds 5

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