Saturday, September 1, 2001

X/1999 Movie

Genre: Dark / Occult
Parental Guidance Recommended
1996 CLAMP/Kadokawa Shoten Publishing Co., Ltd., Bandai Visual Co., Ltd., Marubeni Corporation, Shelty Co., Ltd., Sega Enterprises Ltd., Victor Entertainment Inc., Animation Studio Mad House Co., Ltd., Movic Co., Ltd. Screenshots courtesy of AnimeArt.

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Cover Description:
The story takes place in 1999, the Year of Destiny, and the beginning of the end of the world. The future of the universe rests on one young man, Kamui Shiro, who must destroy either the Dragons of Earth or the Dragons of Heaven - two opposing armies. He alone must decide whether humanity should be destroyed to create a purified universe, or whether it should be protected to preserve civilization.

Two oracles, the sisters Hinoto and Kanoe foresee the coming of the Dragons and predict opposite outcomes. Each sister gathers strength and ammunition to insure her own vision for the future. However, neither sister realizes that there is one man who has an even greater power than the Dragons, and that ultimately he will determine the fate of the earth.

Which sister will prevail and how does Kamui fit into their struggle? The answer to this question will forever affect humanity.

I want more! >>> by firesenshi
Chaos. Blood. Decapitation. All of these are in X/1999. But why is this such a great movie? I, most of all, was thrilled with the concept of 'end-of-the-world' themes based on a single perspective. How's that? The world ending is only the setting. The story is in fact about Kamui and his dilemna of choosing whether to save the Earth or not. You might say, that's easy. Any GOOD guy would choose to save the Earth. Well, I was the first time wrong about that. Kamui holds a heavy burden. Whatever he chooses might bring about a frightening result.

CLAMP paints a very good picture of the setting. Nowhere have you seen visions of the Earth's salvation or destruction in a not too frightening light. The visual imagery is just stunning that the looking at the world end could even be beautiful. The characterization is also at its finest. Kamui Shirou is the focus of this movie but he is not at all perfect. And CLAMP adds a great supporting cast representing the Two Dragons. There are 7 on each side and I bet that because they have their own funny and touching side backgrounds, you will have a favorite. Mine are the beatiful sword-wielding warrior Arashi and the handsome Sorata. And as I've enjoyed magical battle and sword fights, you'll never get enough from this one.

Or will you? Because the main flaw of this movie is that several volumes of the manga have been condensed into one and a half hours that a lot of the details have been missed. Most especially the side stories of the supporting cast. Don't worry though. This is not like Angel Sanctuary (Tenshi Kinyouku) which seemed like they just caught 3 episodes out of a hat and showed them. This is one is just well... too condensed! And I want more!

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 10; Characters 8; Sounds 8

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