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Card Captor Sakura Movie 2: The Sealed Card

Genre: Shoujo / Magical Girl
General Audience
2000 Madhouse. CLAMP/Kodansha.

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Cover Description:
Sakura Kinomoto has finally captured and converted all the Clow Cards into Sakura Cards and now faces her biggest challenge yet. How is she going to tell Shaoran that she loves him? To make matters worse, some of her magical cards are missing. Apparently, someone or something is stealing them away and is erasing vast parts of town including the people she cares about! Now Sakura has to find out who is behind this if she is ever to find her friends again!

It was nice. ^_^ >>> by thundersenshi (10.11.2001)
Sakura is the new Mistress of the Cards. Her life has now become relatively quieter, now that all 52 cards have been caught. But...Sakura's heart is still uneasy. She had received the most shocking confession of all--Syaoran's love. The thing is, Syaoran went home to Hong Kong, and still she hasn't said anything in return. It's been four months since they have last met.

But now he is back. And Sakura is determined to tell him her feelings once and for all. There's just one pressing problem: the Sakura cards are vanishing, one after the other. This is due to the existence of the Sealed Card, the 53rd Clow card Sakura never knew of until now. Sakura must capture this card before the world is destroyed completely. But to do it, one must pay a very dear price--and that is to sacrifice the captor's most important feeling. Sakura is torn...she must do what is right, no matter the cost. But will she be able to tell Syaoran how she feels before it's too late?

Okay, so the plot isn't much. Actually, they've got a nice concept nailed down, so I gave it a 7. However, we also have that annoying shoujo disease where lead characters tend to solve all problems with their heart by talking it out (I found that quite redundant and at times, irritating, especially in Sailormoon), thus the lack of action. But people, keep in mind that Card Captor Sakura is a shoujo, and the main characters are very young--and so is the target audience, I believe! I guess this isn't for everybody; that much is obvious.

But I am telling you, and I'm not exaggerating: this is a truly must-see movie for all CCS fans, especially for those who love Syaoran and Sakura! This is just so kawaii; if it had cheeks, I'd pinch them red. ^_^; This is fluff at its cutest, really. I'm not ashamed to admit that I enjoyed every minute watching this movie. Besides, I can't get enough of that beautiful, beautiful art. Well it's CLAMP, so what else are we to expect? Given, the art style in CCS is different from CLAMP's older works, but in many ways, I think it has greatly improved. I could not really decide at first, since the way they have drawn the eyes are now conforming to the style of the new wave of popular anime. That was what I loved about CLAMP, their absolute attention to detail and the unique way they draw their characters' eyes. It was their trademark--I knew CLAMP work immediately as soon as I see one. But now things are different in CCS. The art is still detailed and exquisite, but anyone will notice the major changes (particularly the characters' eyes, as I have mentioned). Well, there could be the reason that CCS characters are younger, hence the lighter accents and shadows in the art. In any case, it is still very beautiful.

Oh, and another notable aspect here is the music. I did not really expect it, but the music is quite good. I liked the ending theme as soon as I heard it. ^_^

Thundersenshi's Ratings: Art: 10; Story & Plot: 7; Characters:10; Sounds:9

One of the best movies I have ever seen. >>> by Kenryoku Maxis (12.25.2001)
Well, after seeing the rating scale I gave, you'd think I worshiped this movie or something. Well, in my honest opinion, I have seen this movie about three times and it is amazing. Already CLAMP has brought some great works into the world, from Magic Knight Rayearth to X and most recently Angelic Layer, but what an amazing series this was. Now the official ending to the series, the second CardCaptor Sakura movie couldn't have summed it all up any better. From beginning to end, the movie answers your questions and leaves you thinking for days on end of how great it was. Much like the original movie, amazing amounts of detail were put into each little part from consistency in plot to the complete reality of backgrounds and of course, the characters. In the eyes of some, CLAMP has taken a bad turn in it's choice to change their style, but I believe it is a turn for the better.

Back in the days, 1992 if you want to know what period I am talking about, CLAMP was the most original and in many ways stylish companies out there. But as of recently, many shows are beginning to resemble the art style of such CLAMP shows as Magic Knight Rayearth and CLAMP School Detectives. Then, with CardCaptor Sakura, they turned from their ways and brought to Japan a completely original CLAMP work. A magic wielding fourth grader and a story of love and friendship.....nothing like X or Clover at all! But once again, CLAMP proved that they could change the face of anime and bring original concepts along with amazing characters and make a great new show.

The Second Movie is in some ways one of the best parts of the series and also one of the most amazing. When is the last time you were intrigued so much on graphics. I know my last time was the first Tenchi Movie but that's another review for another page. The graphics are outstanding and the characters even more beautiful in my eyes. The movement and use of symbolism to portray emotion is something not normally done for such a length of time and many times not as well. This, added with the characters motives and connection to the story brings out an amazingly dramatic story out of a wonderfully cute show. And as the original reviewer wrote, the music is very well done. I think this movie should be seen by any anime fan, it has something for everyone, plus it's just darn beautiful.

Kenryouku_Maxis's Ratings: Art: 10; Story & Plot: 9; Characters:10; Sounds:10

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