Tuesday, October 2, 2001

Lain: Cyberia Mix Soundtrack

Credits: 2000 Pioneer, Triangle Staff, BOA

Lain Music
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Track Listing:
  1. "S"peEd
  2. Duvet Cyberia Remix (BOA)
  3. Professed Intention and Real Intention
  4. Antidepressant O44
  5. Psychedelic Farm
  6. Invisible File
  7. Prayer
  8. Island in Video Casset
  9. K.I.D.s
  10. Cloudy, With Occasional Rain
  11. INFANiTy world
  12. Duvet (TV sized)

You don't have to be a Lain fan >>> by skysenshi
Duvet. The single most important reason why my cousin Deathsenshi bought this CD despite her blatant dislike for Serial Experiments Lain the anime series. It's also the reason why I had to twist her arm just so she would let me borrow it. The great thing about this is that we weren't disapppointed with the other tracks as well, Lain fan or not!

Well it does say Cyberia Remix so the first thought that came into my head is that these are the songs that are played in Cyberia. For those of you who haven't seen Lain, Cyberia is that partying club that the kids in this series go to (much like Remedios in Malate for those of you who are living in the Philippines). For a former university student who used to hang out in raves back when I still had a social life, I was blown away by the tracks in this album. It features not just a collection of techno/new age/alternative/trance music, but also sounds that are creatively inserted into many of the tracks. Take for example the sound of a cassette tape rewinding and playing back, or the sound of a synthesizer modulating eerily and blending with a computer generated human voice. The vocals sound creepy, what with their constant use of whispers, but I love them just the way they are.

I'm not usually fond of remixes but BOA's work on a re-arranged Duvet is something that I can only applaud. They didn't put unnecessary beats or complicated percussion techniques into it, and the song was able to maintain its inspiring folk rock sound--without getting too funky. Speaking of Duvet , you'll hear this series opening theme's TV version in this CD, but if you want to listen to the full-length rendition, you'd have to get the single or better yet BOA's album BOA: Twilight, which contains a soulful acoustic version of the song.

My favorite tracks? Well, as you might have already noticed, Duvet is one. What drew me to this song is that it reminded me of one of my country's local bands, Barbie's Cradle, whose vocalist has a singing style that's very similar to BOA's. Even the bands' approaches are almost the same. I also like Infanity and Cloudy, With Occassional Rain because I always fall into a trance just listening to those two.

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