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Sorcerer Hunters (Bakuretsu Hunter)

Genre: Fantasy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1995 Media Work / Satoru Akahori and Rey Omisha

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Cover Description:
Get ready for a totally new kind of fantasy adventure! The great and benevolent goddess Big Momma has dispatched the Sorcerer Hunters on an epic saga of mayhem and destruction...they'll use any method, fair or foul, to accomplish their goal! Led by drooling babe-chaser Carrot Glace and dueling dominatrix sisters Chocolate and Tira Misu, this mighty force will beat the forces of darkness into submission! And when muscle-bound exhibitionist Gateau Mocha and Carrot's brother Marron get into the act, the action goes from red-hot to volcanic. It's the animated series that will forever redefine the meaning of the phrase "Military Discipline"!

First Arc - eps 1-14
Spell Wars (Sorcerer Hunters' Revenge) - eps 15-26

Marron-chaaaaan!!!!! >>> by skysenshi

After watching the OAV and then seeing this, it came as a shock to me that Bakuretsu Hunter can actually be clean, enjoyable fun! Many reviewers have given this underrated feature harsh ratings and unjustly compared its heroes with other mainstream anime characters just by seeing a few measly episodes. It's easy to make such judgments especially during the first arc when every episode is filled with monster-of-the-day themes and the presence of the ultimate misguided evil is hardly felt. Truth be told, the one person that made me hang on until I could get to the better parts of this show is—you guessed it—Marron Glace.

For those who have no prior background on this anime, Marron Glace (see 1st and 4th screenshots) is the younger brother of lead character Carrot Glace. It took me a while to accept the supposition that Marron Glace might actually be (*sniff*) a closet queen. When I finally did, however, the possibility that the Adonis-like macho-man Gateau might be interested in more than just friendship with Marron thrilled the shonen-ai lover in me. Would you believe it took me two rounds before it me that Gateau's innuendos were actually of sexual in nature? I wanted Marron for myself (*sniff*) but we're not talking about me, ne?

Moving on... The plot starts baking in the second arc, where our hunters' pasts start coming back to haunt them. Their destinies start to unravel, zeroing in on a merger between what is and what is to come. This arc tells the tale of the most powerful gods and goddesses whose awakening shall inevitably spell destruction. It retells a history—a history about to be repeated.

The setting is medieval era—or is it?

Art and animation are above average. Even though I notice mostly Marron, I can't help but be entertained by everyone else's character designs. As for the sounds, kudos to the composers of the opening song. Really kick-ass bass line you've got here.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 8; Characters 10; Sounds 8

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