Monday, October 15, 2001

Tekken the Movie

Genre: Martial Arts
Parental Guidance Recommended
1997 NAMCO, ASCII Corporation / Sony Music Entertainment

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Cover Description:
To every age great warriors are born. Their skills win them fame; combat makes them legends. Enter the world of the Iron Fist Tournament where fighters of unequaled ability gather from around the world to test their might in the gladiatorial arena. Get ready for the ultimate adventure! Tekken, the spectacular series that revolutionized how fighting games are played, is now an incredible animated motion picture! The awesome rendering power of state of the art computers merges with the stunning graphic style and dynamics of anime in an adventure that will rip you right out of your living room and hurl you into the blood-drenched arena of the most incredible martial arts battle ever created!

Crap. >>> by skysenshi
Words cannot express how violated my pocket feels right after watching this movie. I should've known. I should've learned my lesson. Anime based on video games generally suck so bad you'd swear a black hole should be built for them. A word of advice if you're going to watch this: You must play Tekken at least from the very first up to the 3rd release of the Sony Playstation video game. Otherwise, you'll be scratching your head in wonder. The plot is just a rehash of almost every action title's theme, which is revenge, revenge, revenge. Okay, let's make it sound a bit deeper..."Hey, you! You killed my master/father/brother/sister/wife! You must die!" The characters appear and disappear like bubbles, and for an action anime, it doesn't have much going on. The battles are too short. The animation is... goodness sakes, were they doing that on purpose? Make the characters look like they were pieces of paper being moved by a puppeteer's hand on a still background?

Crap like this can be easily summarized in one paragraph as there is nothing to elaborate on a brain cell killer like this one.

The reason why I gave this a 5 and not something much lower is because Lei is cute. You'd find many more good looking characters in Street Fighter II V, though, and they don't scrimp on the fight sequences. If you want something considerably shorter but a million times better, try Street Fighter Zero.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 5; Characters 6; Sounds 4

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