Friday, November 23, 2001

Legend of Lemnear

Genre: Action / Fantasy
Parental guidance recommended, contains delicate scenes
1989 Yoshin Pictures Enterprise, Kinji Yoshimoto, Satoshi Urushihara, AIC

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Cover Description:
An ancient world living under the shadow of evil. It is an age of darkness, of sorcery and of heroes. As the monstrous legions of the Dark Lord spread across the land, the sole surviving warrior of the devastated village searches for vengeance--Lemnear, the fabled Champion of Silver. As beautiful as she is deadly, she hunts the wizard Gardein and has vowed to kill him and his evil master to avenge the slaughter of her people.

But as Lemnear soon discovers, a greater destiny lies ahead than simply being the messenger of revenge. Within her lies an almost invincible power. A power which could change the course of history and free all mankind. A power which the Dark Lord will do anything to posssess.

And now, from the slave pits of the Dark Lord's servants, to the horror of his impregnable flying fortress, Lemnear must journey to confront the face of pure evil. Can she live up to her role in the prophecy, or will all be consumed in the Dark Lord's holocaust of conquest?

I try to wax eloquence... >>> by skysenshi
But I fail. We can go about the check list of Legend of Lemnear's attributes and see what are worth commenting about, however.

Artwork: Of the late 80s but still stunning. Animation: Great action scenes that will not leave you wanting. Story: So-so. The plot seems incomplete and the transition from one branch to another leaves so much to be desired. Characters: Bleh!

If you're a feminist, you'd probably love the first parts of the anime because Lemnear, the central character, is great with her fists and her feet. Unfortunately, what she has so much in terms brawn is equal to what she lacks in terms of brains. Lemnear is brash and a bit thoughtless. She just barges into whatever perilous situation without so much as a single thought, which either gets her bloody or naked. If the animators had gone beyond simple nudity and went into hardcore porn, then this would've been suitable for a hentai title. The second most powerful hero of the story, who calls himself the "Champion of Bronze" is a wuss, to say the least. His sole purpose in the anime is just to get his ass kicked so Lemnear can rescue him. No points for character design there either. The final boss--ah, in this aspect, Legend of Lemnear bears a good similarity with recent role playing games in that the final boss has so many forms that one could get confused as to its weak point. That's all he does, though, change forms and then eventually get his ass whopped big time as Lemnear and friend don't seem to die anyway. Trying to kill the main characters would be a futile attempt for the great beast in this case, would it not?

In the end, Legend of Lemnear is still nothing more than a save-the-world-from-evil flick that should have been better off kept in the shelves. Any more words? Ah, I'm afraid the headache I sustained from just watching this poor excuse of a "legend" has zapped any sense of coherence off me.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 6; Characters 5; Sounds 5

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