Saturday, December 15, 2001

Fushigi Yuugi Best Songs OAV

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Track Listing:
  1. Star
  2. Full of Vigor and Do With Guts
  3. Destiny
  4. Shinning Inside The Hands
  5. Black Moon
  6. Arigatou (Thank you)
  7. Everlasting Story
  8. Eyes - The S-H-E
  9. Blue Freedom. White Hope.
  10. Heart Rending Forever
  11. Mizu-Kagami
  12. It Might Be A Dream
  13. A Moonless Night
  14. Let's get Happy!

Not as bad as the Vocal Memories! >>> by firesenshi
The arrangement came out to be well... mediocre to say at best. I miss Yoko Kanno's World Theory in Turn A Gundam OST 1 wherein the music gradually shifts from tribal drumbeats of Africa to oriental to chants from Indian to Irish. Now that is great flawless transition and a good mix of genres. These kinds of melodies are what makes me dizzy on a long road trip. The satisfaction came after since I realized the old adage that, "Silence is Golden."

All in all, I find no phenomenal piece I like here except for Kuroi Tsuki starts with a music box type of music and moves on to a keyboard and acoustic guitar accompaniment. Very gentle, soothing voice by Akemi Satou. Could pass for a lullabye or a gentle ballad. It's endearing. It's wonderful and peaceful. At last... something really good! It also ends with the same music box prologue. Yoko Kanno is fond of doing those and it reminds me of her. I do wonder though why it's kuroi tsuki -- black moon.

Meccha Hajikete Gattsu Tobashite (Full of Vigor and Do With Guts) by the four bishounen members of Fushigi Yuugi is a fun piece. Tasuki and Chichiri opens no da! Let's say this is an enjoyable number because four bishounen are singing. One thing I can tell though is that Tamahome sings better here... Thank goodness he's not alone and 3 other seiyuu drowns his voice. Let's just say that this is another of those pop numbers where it sounds a bit 'macho' what with all the guitars and synthesizers and the boys just singing as loud as they can. Hnn... methinks, those four won't be as big a boy band but a bishounen group from Fushigi Yuugi coming together to sing? Why not? Watch out for the occasional dialogue samples placed in here. It looks like the boys are having fun!

The others are a mix of Chinese Oriental ancient melodies mixed with guitars and synthesizers to seemingly 'update' the feel such as the eight and tenth tracks. Everlasting Story's style of singing reminds me of the band, Queen, but that's all there is and nothing else.

Actually, considering that this is the Best Collection for the OAV series, I was rather disappointed. Oh well, the OAV itself wasn't as impressive as the TV series as well. I loved Fushigi Yuugi. But there are the only two tracks that I like and they won't make me buy this.

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