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Rurouni Kenshin Songs

Credits: Sony Music Records.

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Track Listing:
  1. Tsuioku ~ in the Past~ Overture
    (Remembrance ~In the Past~)
  2. Kenshin Himura
    Aisuru hito wo Mamoru Tame ni (In order to protect loved ones)
    Vocals by Mayo Suzukaze
  3. Kaoru Kamiya
    Suki toka ja Nakute... (It's not that I Love...)
    Vocals by Fujitani Miki
  4. Sanosuke Sagara sings
    Kokoro no Hadaka (Naked Heart)
    Vocals by Yuji Ueda
  5. Yahiko Myojin sings
    1/Sekai no boku (1/World of Myself)
    Miina Tominaga
  6. Promenade (Over the Horizon)
  7. Kenshin & Kaoru
    Natsu no e (Picture of Summer)
    Vocals by Mayo Suzukaze & Miki Fujitani
  8. Sanosuke & Megumi
    2 Of A Kind!
    Vocals by Yuji Ueda & Mika Doi
  9. Ayame & Suzume
    Shiroi Ichigo (White Strawberry)
    Vocals by Kaori Yuasa & Noriko Namiki
  10. Rurouni Kenshin Cast
    Kono Sekai no Katasumi de... (At this small corner of the World)

    Zanshou ~Venus and Mars~ Instrumental

    Last rays of the sun ~Venus and Mars~

Songs that fit the characters very well! >>> by firesenshi
It's not really the vocal quality or the "good arrangement" in the songs that made me like this CD. Like most successful series, creators usually come up with a collection of 'image songs' wherein the seiyuu sing songs which help further describe the characters they portray.

I must say that this one is a good one in character potrayal and a very fun to listen to! Mayo Suzukaze sings the first track which fits her character, Kenshin Himura perfectly since the lyrics speak of protecting loved ones. (As is the title). For those who don't know, Mayo Suzukaze is a female seiyuu for Kenshin Himura. Hearing her sing in her original voice with a less otoko sounding theme is indeed something new to me! She has a new voice and it's more feminine here, of course, since she's not portraying a young hitokiri.

I've got to say that my favorite tracks are those with Sanosuke in them. Not because Sano is one of my favorite bishounen, but it's his tracks that make this a lot of fun to listen to! Kokoro no Hadaka is one where you hear his seiyuu Yuji Ueda rap. The rap was simple, albeit inexperienced but Ueda-san's voice sounds so kakkoii doing a very upbeat pop number that I can imagine Sanosuke being a jpop idol! His duet with Megumi Takani, seiyuu Mika Doi in Two of a Kind is not only fun to listen to but this is something you would like if you're into Sano-Megumi "love team." (Sayo Amakusa doesn't exist in the manga so...) The lyrics of Two of a Kind goes something like "Jirrettai! Ima sara sara!" (Annoying! More and more!) Later on, you hear them singing that they find each other annoying, as is typical of Megumi to always rant on Sano and vice-versa. But they also sing that is why they are "Two of a Kind." You can tell I just enjoy this!

Kenshin and Kaoru's Natsu no E is an endearing piece. I thought I didn't like this one until I found myself singing to it one time. What I found really boring though is Ayame and Suzume's Shiroi Ichigo which is understandably a "kiddie" piece but something I'd like to skip anyway.

All in all, this CD is a must-have if you're a true Rurouni Kenshin fan. The songs really tell something about the characters and could be something fun! Plus... Sanosuke's image songs...

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