Friday, December 14, 2001

Silent Mobius Movie

Genre: Fantasy / Sci-Fi
Parental Guidance Recommended
1991 Kia Asamiya.

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Firesenshi's Description:
On her way to visit her mother, Katsumi Liquer sees a shortcut enroute to the hospital. Suddenly stopped by a 'police officer' named Kiddy, she is aghast to find out that she has tread on a path of monsters called Lucifer Hawks. Taken to a facility where an organization called AMP fights off these monsters, she is informed that she has special powers to fight these monsters. It was Katsumi's choice to resist. She has after all seen what they are capable of. However, when a Lucifer Hawk hunts her and her mother itself, Katsumi realizes she has no choice in eluding her fate. She is a descendant of the Liquer line and magic is in their blood.

A magic user in the world of machines. >>> by firesenshi
Kia Asamiya seems to love his characters being involved with darkness and a setting that is a mix of two technologies. The mix of modern cities run by such a resource as steam was in Steam Detectives, Silent Mobius is a mix of futuristic cities complete with lazer guns, hovering ships along with magic and youma (monsters). Katsumi Liquer, living in that world first realized the reality of 'magic' by accident. And this is her story.

The story focuses more on Katsumi's past. You will discover that she's not really as 'kick-ass' a magic user as she is presently known to be. Like the majority of us who passed the awkward wimpy stage, you will probably be astonished to discover that part of Katsumi before she finally accepted her destiny. Of course that kind of plot where a heroine tries to deny her destiny and finally accepts it in the end because of a major tragic event is nothing new. That's only the general angle where most stories are built on. The specifics are the ones that should be commended. You can tell that I like settings where futuristic environments and magical elements coexist very well! Okay, so I enjoy seeing Katsumi wield her magical sword Grospolina and hear her chant about summoning the 4 archangels to fight the youma called Lucifer Hawks. Oh yes... I dig the pretty pictures of what could come out as another 'visual masterpiece' because the eye candy is just great, I tell you. The battle scenes are detailed in that you see Katsumi running and slashing her sword with such skill and seeing her chanting a spell and delivering a magical blow depicts her as a glorious heroine.

As this Silent Mobius motion picture is about Katsumi's past, I have to sadly note that the other characters have not given focus. As much as I found Kiddy so cool with the gun, you do not see much of her in action here. But like they said, "The story has just begun." This might just entice you to get the Silent Mobius TV series, ne?

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 8; Characters 8; Sounds 8

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