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Chrono Cross

Genre: Role Playing Game
Platform: Playstation
Credits: 2000 Squaresoft. Screenshots and images courtesy of Amazon.Com.

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Cover Description:
Twenty years after the events in Chrono Trigger, a new set of adventures are preparing for a battle that will surpass even space and time...

The long awaited sequel to one of history's favorite adventures. A multitude of playable characters and intertwining game scenarios. Unique design eliminates random battles and experience points. A new visual and audio experience from the original creators.

PREVIEW >>> by firesenshi (mid 2000)
Serge attacks with his Elements!

Left Image 1: Serge attacks with his Elements!
Left Image 2: The Dragon Ruins meet you for a nice opening.

Of course I wasn't expecting anything collosal from any non-FF Square project. But of course, ChronoCross being a Square project--and I being a Square fan, had to try it out. So here's a sneak peak especially for all you other Square fans.

The gameplay makes you forge weapons with its materials taken from enemies (like in FFVIII).

No MP system in this game and no levelling up. No random encounters so you can skip the chore of levelling up and meeting unnecessary enemies before a boss fight.

A new direction here is that you can recruit a huge cast of party members. Much like in Square's Legend of Mana, except that they're part of your team permanently.

You'll also be engaged in a story where two worlds are involved. Now that should be enough of a hint lest I give anymore spoilers.

You will be intrigued by arranging your Elements (the ones that give you the best magic attacks). However halfway through the game, I am still at a loss at "catching" my Summons. I find it a little confusing on how I should go about it, and I think I need them right now before fighting that Big Dragon!

Is it worth trying out? Aside from the facts above that I told you, anything Square is worth trying out!

Having its own value>>> by skysenshi (01.08-09.2002)
It's been a while since I have played Chrono Cross, and yet, true to Squaresoft's history of quality video games, this isn't one of the titles that would easily slip off your memory. One would also expect too high from a sequel of yet another legendary RPG like Chrono Trigger, but Chrono Cross makes comparisons a little…strange. For one thing, Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger do not have the same look and feel. There are a few similarities in the background music and general theme, which is time and space manipulation, but the similarities stop there.
In Chrono Cross, it is not actually your choice that you travel between a "Home" world and an alternate world. The plot is also quite heavy with drama and systematically woven twists and turns. There are about 11 different endings, and when you do decide to start again, character stats are carried over. This makes the replay value very high. Ah yes, one other reason why I could not forget this game is because one of my most memorable gaming experiences occurred here. As it happens, the "real" ending is a bit too complicated to get. Without any FAQs or walkthroughs, I accidentally got this ending. I only realized on my second round—when I could not get the same ending—that what happened with the first round was just a stroke of luck and that I could never get that ending again without actually looking at a walkthrough to find out what I did right the first time.
Chrono Cross' gameplay and battle system are an innovation. You get to "store" elements in limited number of slots, so it's up to you to gauge when it's best to use them. You also have to crack your brain deciding which party members you should bring with you when there are around 40 different characters, each with their own elemental affinity, to choose from. It also has the same features that Final Fantasy VIII has when it comes to weapons—you can forge them from various scrap items received from enemies! I enjoyed battles here immensely and the simple reason for this is because I don't have to worry about unnecessary random encounters when trying to solve a puzzle. You can actually avoid enemies and battle them only when you approach them head-on. Best of all, there is no MP system to worry about! The only traumatic experience I had with battling was when I had to kill endangered species because of a certain girl's capriciousness. Other than that, I don't have any complaints.
Sounds and graphics are nothing short of being masterpieces. I love the music, especially anything that involves Marbule Island. Beautiful FMV sequences also heighten your experience of the story, but that's only something usual from recent Square games.
RATINGS: Gameplay 9; Battle 9; Story 10; Visuals 9; Characters 9; Sounds 9; Replay Value 8

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  1. Chrono Cross T___T
    One of my fave games of all time.
    But I wasn't able to finish it on PSX.
    Wahhh---- You got the perfect ending? *criesevenmore
    I really want to play it again but, too bad it won't work properly in my PSP 3K. ORZ


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