Monday, April 15, 2002

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

Genre: Role Playing Game
Platform: Nintendo 64
1998 Nintendo. Screenshots and images courtesy of RPGFan.Com.

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Cover Description:
Ganondorf, the evil King of Thieves, is on the move, threatening the peaceful land of Hyrule. He is determined to steal his way into the legendary Sacred Realm in hopes of harnessing the power of the mythical Triforce. As the young hero Link, it is your destiny to thwart Ganondorf's evil schemes. Navi, your guardian fairy will guide you as you venture through the many regions of Hyrule, from the volcanic caves of Death Mountain to the treacherous waters of Zora's Domain. Before you complete this epic quest, you'll delve into deadly dungeons, collect weapons of great power and learn the spells you need to conquer the most irresistible force of all-time.

Truly Amazing... >>> by Tatl
Link lives in the Kokiri Forest, in the world of Hyrule. He is the only Kokiri who does not have a faerie, until Navi, a faerie, shows up one day and tells him he is the destined hero to save Hyrule from Ganondorf, King of Gerudos. She tells him to come with her to the Deku Tree, Gaurdian of Kokiris, to explain everthing to Link.

Link learns that he is not really a Kokiri, but a Hyrulean, who's mother died in a raging war years ago, but was taken by the Deku Tree to be kept safe. Now, Ganondorf plans to steal the TriForce which is hidden in the Golden Realm. The TriForce contains the 3 elements of the 3 goddesses who created Hyrule. The elements are: Power, Courage, and Wisdom. If Ganondorf takes all the pieces, there will be doom to Hyrule. He will take over the throne.

Link sets on his journey, and Princess Zelda of Hyrule begs him to collect all the gems. With these gems, he can open the Temple of Time, and transport 7 years forward and back (forward being when Ganondorf is ruler of Hyrule), and with the special Ocarina given to him by Zelda, he can do magical things, and save Hyrule!

An absolutely AMAZING GAME. You will not understand what I mean by just reading the little description I wrote above. The characters are absolutely well thought out, the whole atmosphere and need of strategy is amazing. There are tons of extra things to do, secret tricks, and that fulfilling sound that indicates your completion of a quest or finding of an important item. As you journey through the different temples to maintain what you need, you can beat Ganondorf and save the amazing people you meet along your way.

I assure you that you will be intrigued by the game and thoroughly satisfied. If you like a challenge, adventure, and fun and humor, Zelda is definitely the game for you. If you liked this, also try Zelda: Majora's Mask, the sequel.

DIFFICULTY: Moderate - Difficult
RATINGS: Gameplay 8; Battle 9; Story 10; Visuals 9; Characters 10; Sounds 9; Replay Value 8

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