Wednesday, June 19, 2002

Ghost Sweeper Mikami

Genre: Comedy / Ecchi
Parental Guidance Recommended
Shiina Takahashi.

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Firesenshi's Description:
Yokoshima Tadao is a typical uhh... "worldly" (aka perverted) high school student who isn't really getting paid well from his part-time job. Earning only a measly 250 yen, he goes to various haunted houses, hideous dark caverns, and dirty abandoned buildings as assistant to the greatest ghostsweeper Reiko Mikami. Of course, doing this for the simple reason of his hopes in seeing Mikami-san naked does count. Reiko Mikami is a strong girl armed with a spiritual baton and paper ward (ofuda). She fights various supernatural forces in a sexy purple tube dress and high heels. Her fearlessness comes from the fact that she doesn't usually refuse any dangerous job as long as she gets paid well. They are later joined in their ghost-fighting escapades by Okinu-chan, a 300-year old mild-mannered ghost whose specialty in singing once saved Mikami-san from a demon. Most of the time, Reiko Mikami has to deal with fighting off dark monsters and Yokoshima's perverted moves. But there are also other zany characters who never fail to add to all this comedic chaos!

(39 volumes)

Absolutely funny and ecchi! >>> by firesenshi
First of all, look at the manga covers above. Is there any other reason NOT to buy GS Mikami manga and/or anime apart from that? Yep. First of all, Reiko Mikami is hot and the fact that a high-heeled redhead in a very short tube dress fighting ghosts and demons... well, I'm sure they speak to you.

GS Mikami is the type that plays on the crazy and lewd. Her assistant Yokoshima alone is one walking mass of ecchi that a demon once fed on his extreme ecchi-ness and forced Mikami to exorcise poor Yokoshima with her baton. And with Yokoshima go all the "benefits" of being an ecchi fanboy -- all that unnecessary bumping into er... Reiko's chest, hugging, peeping, torn clothes and exposed underwear.

While you may think all this gratuitous nudity is all fanservice for the nose-bleeding ecchi fanboy, GS Mikami excels in a kind of fun worthy even of Rumiko Takahashi. With its humor and puns so simple, sometimes even so shallowly illustrated and written, the hilarity continues on every volume. The jokes are just too simple to miss that you will end up laughing with every exaggerated scene or the sarcasm in the dialogue. Well, of course, there's the ecchi element and that's that. GS Mikami won't be GS Mikami anyway if it wasn't ecchi. But how many can actually excel with good ecchi wit? This just has its own kind of charm!

Just like the anime, GS Mikami is more episodic in nature and doesn't have a continuous storyline. The great part is that the manga has more episodes than the anime since it spans more volumes. And just like the anime, I'm sure you will enjoy this a lot. (Oooh... listen to me endorse something ecchi...

Individual Rating: Art 7; Story 8; Characters 8

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