Saturday, July 27, 2002

Love Hina Again OAV

Genre: Romance / Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
Credits: Ken Akamatsu (creator). Yoshiaki Ishizaki (director). TV Tokyo.

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Firesenshi and Skysenshi's Description:
When Keitarou Urashima was young, he had a childhood friend and they promised to grow up together. But one time Keitarou's friend had to leave so they promised to go to Toudai, Tokyo Daigaku (University) and meet again. Keitarou strives to go to Toudai but seems he has difficulty doing so. Yet he strives so much to get in just to fulfill the promise to his childhood friend. But does he even remember her name?

Due to unexpected twist of events, Keitarou suddenly becomes kanrinin (manager) of Hinata Sou (Hinata Inn) and finds himself living with a group of beautiful girls as tenants. Hinata Sou gives a lot of surprises of Keitarou. Will one of these surprises make him meet the girl of his dreams in Toudai?

A new character comes to the fore and she's vying for Keitaro's attention. So what else is new? Everybody gets attached to Keitaro! But wait! The girl has enough emotional hold on Keitaro that she can actually give Narusegawa a true reason to worry!

(3-part OAV)

Déjà Vu: Almost Hentai>>> by skysenshi
In a reed thin whispery voices that speak volumes of shock and despair, I find myself mumbling, "I have felt this before." This godawful sinking feeling that I wasn't going to appreciate most of I will see. Ah, now I remember. I had this same reaction to Tenchi Muyo: Manatsu No Eve movie. I wonder if there's a shortage of creative juices that people would create overly irritating new characters that are supposed to make love triangles a little livelier?

Never mind the fact that the original Love Hina series reminded me so much of Maison Ikkoku in terms of characterization and situations, since I have grown to appreciate the series despite its weakness in measuring up to the latter. But I expected a little more out of this 3-part OAV. I was expecting closure. I was expecting to sigh and bask in the languid feeling of romance. I was expecting to see the most exciting parts of the manga in it--you know when Keitaro ends up with (toot!) and Seita ends up with (toot!) and Shinobu becomes (toot!).

I wouldn't want to burst anyone's bubble, though, so I would still recommend Love Hina fans to still try out this one, if only for the slapstick comedy and the pleasure of seeing Narusegawa at the receiving end of violent outbursts for once. Some might also consider it of value to see that the characters have become a little more daring--to the point that Love Hina Again OAV almost looks like a hentai title. Also, in fairness, Love Hina has one of the best artworks and animation I have ever enjoyed, so I guess it's not such a total disappointment.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 7; Characters 7; Sounds 7

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