Thursday, September 12, 2002

Hanaukyo Maid Team (Hanaukyo Maid-Tai)

Genre: Comedy
Parental guidance recommended, contains nudity and delicate scenes
Credits: 2001 M.O.E., WOWOW. Yasuke Ide (director)

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Skysenshi's Description:
Taro Hanaukyo's mother had just died and he has no other recourse but to look for his grandfather. Upon arriving on the doorstep of an unbelievably large mansion, he is suddenly attacked by a bevy of beautiful girls. It seems like his grandfather was an extremely wealthy man and he has left his grandson not only a manor of grandeur, but also a handful of women who are more than eager to please.

If you thought Love Hina was a fanboy's wet dream...>>> by skysenshi
...then you haven't seen Hanaukyo Maid-tai. Taro Hanaukyo is what every ecchi anime fan would dream to be-a short, nondescript, geeky-looking guy surrounded by hundreds of soft flesh dressed up in maid uniforms. I've a good mind to stash this one in our Hentai Directory, seeing as how the girls run around topless (as in real honest-to-goodness rosy nekkidness) without showing any signs of modesty, but I didn't want to disappoint actual hentai fans so I just submitted it here.

If the uncensored display of healthy...uh....bosom isn't enough to convince you that this is what I say it is, then how about picturing yourself in these situations: (1) You are equipped with hi-tech gadgets; (2) You go to school in a helicopter; (3) You cannot fail P.E., math or any other subject because your maids do various hocus-pocus in all your school activities; (4) You get hundreds of presents on your birthday because you are "well and truly loved"; (5) You are scolded when you want to do menial household chores; (6) You notice that nearly everybody talks in business Japanese and at their most respectful tone when you're around; (7) You don't ever have to work because all your maids are specialists in one field or another. There's a doctor, a scientist, a violinist, a cultural studies specialist, an ikebana expert, a fitness instructor, a mathematician, a mother figure, a martial artist...heck you can build an entire Sim City in Hanaukyo mansion alone! Take note, all of these people are maids, ready to do your bidding at your beck and call. Don't even think about figuring out how such innovative and beautiful women ended up as maids because you're just going to make yourself crazy. All you ever need to maintain is that Hanaukyo blood that runs through your veins and you've got it made. If this isn't a bishoujo game gone animated, then I don't know what this is.

Ah, of course, everything can't be perfect, so Taro must have at least one flaw...besides being short, nondescript, and geeky-looking. He is allergic to girls. Reminds me of a certain anime. So much for originality there, folks. I can't even say much for the character development, because there were only 2 "maids" there who got my attention-Shinshya the child genius, whose sob story has already been overused in other earlier anime, and Konai the Motoko (of Love Hina) rip-off. Another character that is also worth mentioning is the silly girl who considers herself Taro's rival, and she's only worth mentioning because she has hundreds of bishounen servants waiting after her. Now, I'd like to be in her place!

All in all, I'd say, rent it for the occasional laughs and the ending sequence, which features real Japanese babes in maid uniforms. But if you're looking for plot depth or even hentai, you are not going to find it here.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 5; Characters 8; Sounds 7

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