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Mahou Tsukai Tai TV (Magic User's Club)

Genre: Comedy, High School
General Audience
1999 Triangle Staff / WOWOW / Chiaki Konaka

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Kyubi Kitsune's Description:
After defeating of the aliens from the OAV the club has a new problem, cleaning up the gigantic mess that resulted from their victory over the Bell. In typical club fashion, simple things get complicated and a whole new crisis arises.

(13 episodes)

The goodness continues. >>> by Kyubi Kitsune
Mahou Tsukai Tai! TV is ultimately a character study of the characters introduced in the OAV. While the OAV did do a good job with the characters within its six episodes, the television expands upon this with very good results. But never fear. It retains the same wackiness, though the ecchi elements are a little bit toned down, as the original.

The storyline still has that unique balance between simplicity and complexity. As reading the above plot synopsis suggests, the story appears to be on the simple side, but to give a more detailed one would require divulging a lot of spoilers. The complexity of the story lies within character development, and the shows subtle brand of satire that includes probably one of the funniest skewerings of the social critiques found in Evangelion. About the only two problems someone may have with the show is that it can be episodic at times and the ending maybe disappointing, even though it fits well with the show's lightheartedness.

As mentioned, the show's focal point are the characters, in particular the club members. A whole slew of new ones introduced to flesh things out, and a lot of these are the family of the club members. All the character development is well done.

The animation takes a noticeable dip in quality, and is less vibrant than the OAV. However it remains pretty good for a television series, and does have some good moments, like in episode ten when Sae is flying on a broom when its snowing.

The music remains in the same style as the OAV, but with different opening and ending songs.

Voice acting is continued by the same people with pretty much the same quality as the OAV. Akane's voice actress changes halfway through, but this is hardly noticeable. Those who purchase the Region 1 release should definitely check out the dub outtakes.

Though perhaps not as good as the OAV, Mahou Tsukai Tai! TV is a worthy sequel to check out after you have seen the OAV.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 9; Characters 10; Sounds 9

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