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Generator Gawl

Genre: Mecha / Sci-Fi
General Audience
1998 Tatsunoko Productions

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Cover Description:
October 2007: Professor Takuma Nekasa uncovers a gene that unlocks the human body. This discovery leads to the creation of human "generators" who can transform themselves and unlock incredible power.

Working to continually improve these generators, teams of 2 young scientists and 1 experimental subject (the generator) were created. But when Ryo, Koji, and Gawl discover that the true purpose behind the experiments is to not to help mankind, but to lead them into another war, the team decides to travel back in time to try to stop Professor Nekasa.

But they're not the only ones with a close eye on Nekasa's work! Can they stop Nekasa before it's too late?

(12 episodes)

Thoroughly involving! >>> by skysenshi
It took me more than a year to complete Generator Gawl. The last episode I've seen has been stored in my memory for the last 11 months, nearly fading from the lack of follow-ups. Now that I've finally been able to get hold of the last four episodes, all I can say is that it has been a satisfying watch.

The characters are the first things that struck me here, and I'm not just saying this because of the obvious existence of bishounen. Sure, there is something to be said for the near perfect intelligent beings such as the dark and brooding Koji, the soft-spoken Ryo, and the brash and completely unsophisticated protagonist who calls himself Gawl. There's also something noticeable about Masami, the proverbial love interest of our lead character, even though she seems more like an add-on accessory than an important piece of the puzzle. But the figure that is most striking here is the pink-haired cotton candy Natsume, who ironically just plays a minor role in the entire series. At first you'd dismiss her for another bubblegum teenager who might just be the Generator Gawl's resident doormat, yet, despite her minimal exposure, the creators were able to make her play an essential role in the mystery that our three boys have to unravel.

The art and animation aren't really mind-blowing, but the engaging battle scenes, especially when Gawl transforms into the organic mech called a "generator", are something to behold. The fast pace of events as well as the play of conflict merge well enough to keep one glued to one's seat. While I do have a complaint about how the staggering plot twists are all stuffed into the last episode-not leaving enough room for a definite resolution-the complex philosophies backing Generator Gawl more than makes up for this anime's weaknesses.

English dubbing is decent and the opening song "I Want Out" is certainly catchy. Expect a lot of rowdy bickering and action-packed sequences-even when the characters are not in battle mode.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 8; Characters 8; Sounds 7

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