Thursday, October 31, 2002

Slayers Movie 4: Slayers Gorgeous

Genre: Comedy / Fantasy
General Audience
1998. Hajime Kanzaka and Rei Araizumi (creators). SoftX. TV Tokyo.

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Skysenshi's Description:
Meet Lina Inverse and her "sidekick" Naga, two powerful sorceresses who have the ability to destroy cities in one lethal blow. This time, they meet an obnoxious young princess Marlene with the uncanny gift of communicating with dragons. The said princess wages a war against a small kingdom run by King Calvert, whom our two heroines defend...and as usual, hilarious moments ensue.

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Despite numerous negative reviews about Slayers Gorgeous, I find this to be the 2nd best Slayers movie to date (the best being Slayers Premium). For one, I don't find it tedious to watch, as I was amused at every moment wherein Lina and Naga generally make laughing stocks of themselves. The dragons and all secondary villains are equally entertaining, as this movie proves time and again that Lina's infamous temper can literally drive hordes of dragons away. Second, the aggrieved King's relationship with the princess is nothing short of ridiculous. Imagine having a war over some silly thing as...sore wa himitsu desu.

The real villain shows itself later in the show, and the overall feel slightly changes back to those days when Lina would come face to face with powerful demons. Suddenly, it all becomes a battle between humans and some other supernatural entity, which really isn't anything new to most anime out there. Lina finds herself overcome by somebody more dominant and she has to think of a way to defeat the thing by mere wits alone. The results are comical, yet they perfectly cap a show that has more solid direction than all the past Slayers movies put together. At least this one has an actual story. It isn't groundbreaking, but it isn't that shallow either.

The artwork and animation are okay, prettier than the TV series. The battle scenes are something to behold, as there are more effects and a lot of ass-kicking action going on. All in all, I'd say it's one delightful package. That is, if you could take Naga's boobies being in the way most of the time.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 7; Characters 7; Sounds 8

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