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Steel Angel Kurumi

Genre: Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1999 Naohito Takahashi, AIC, WOWOW

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Cover Description:
Steel Angel Kurumi, known in Japan as Koutetsu Tenshi Kurumi, is a 24 episode Japanese anime series that was based upon the popular manga by Kaishaku. Each episode of this charming series runs 15 minutes in length and was initially broadcasted on Japanese channel WOWOW; and produced by OLM (Gunsmith Cats, Pokemon). Steel Angel Kurumi's Japanese broadcast started on October 5th, 1999 and ended on April 4th, 2000.

The story of Steel Angel Kurumi is set during the period of Japan's Taisho Era (1912-1926 AD), the Japanese government has produced special androids of immeasurable power and potential. Any one of these unique androids possessed the prospective ability to obliterate an entire army, and they remained unconditionally loyal to whoever first activated them. Depending on who awakened androids first, the world could be either reduce to rubble or lead in to a new era of peace and prosperity that was void of conflict and strife. These special androids were known as the Steel Angels.

24 eps 1st TV season
4 omake episodes

Pure eye candy... >>> by Xellos-sama
The best reason to watch this anime is for the character designs. Seriously. Everyone is just so pleasing to the eye and fun to watch, that you don't really notice the so-so storyline and plot that this series has to offer. IF you like your anime overloading with ultra-kawaii bishoujo, (i know I do!!!) then this series comes highly recommended.

The series is basically about some kid (that looks like he's ten or eleven) accidentally waking up Kurumi, a "steel angel" (some sort of superweapon in robot maid form....yeah, i wouldn't have it any other way either). Anyway, as the typical script goes, Kurumi falls for her master as soon as she sees him. Nakahito (the master/kid's name), being a kid, tries to resist her advances. More steel angels appear, some joining the duo, and something happens regarding the destruction of the world.

Sorry...it's not that there isn't any plot...it's just that I was so caught up in just WATCHING the show, that i kind of missed out on it.... This is the kind of show that makes you actually WANT more filler episodes. (Thank god for bonus episodes 25-28!!!)

The animation in the series really stands out. The characters are all very unique, distinguishable, very watchable and ultimately overflowing with cuteness. The series itself is quite colorful, and even the untrained eye can tell that this series' art and animation are well above average.

Soundwise, the series delivers as well. The ultra-cute ultra-pop-py opening track is a true guilty pleasure, and the other songs are hard not to like as well. As for the seiyuu, they all do a great job, brininging the characters to a whole different level of cuteness. I'm sure there are some other famous ones here, but I was excited to recognize Michiko Neya's voice. (Though she only plays a supporting role...)

The only thing really bad about this series is the tired plot. I mean come on. Some sort of dark power going out of control and threatening man's destruction...? Been there. Done that. More than once. There's nothing WRONG with the plot per se. I'm just tired of plots like this one.

Overall, this is a very good series with truly memorable characters. The pacing is fast enough (episodes are only 12 minutes long), and the art is great enough for you to forgive them a little thing such as a stock storyline.

Watch it for the cuteness.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 10; Story 6; Characters 9; Sounds 9

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