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Midori no Hibi

Genre: Romance
Parental Guidance Recommended (Some nudity)
1995-2002 Noboyuki Anzai

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MarkPoa's Description:
Nobody messes with Sawamura Senji in school, what with his bad-ass reputation of getting into fights all the time. What no one really knows is that he's just a simple person, fighting to defend those whom he believes are wronged. Unfortunately, he pays for it by being lonely. He just wants to share his heart with someone, but everyone's too scared. But not Midori--a girl who has been harboring a secret crush on him for years. Then one strange day, Senji wakes up to find that he has lost his right hand...and is shocked beyond belief when he realized that what took its place is a miniature Midori (who is just as shocked to find herself rooted to her crush's right arm)! Chaos ensues as Senji tries desperately not to scare any more people by hiding Midori from plain sight, but how is that even possible??

(8 Tankubon)

Weird, fun romance about a boy and his right-hand girlfriend >>> by MarkPoa
The manga of Midori no Hibi (Midori's Days) follows the strange premise of finding a naked girl attached to your wrist. For "Mad Dog" Sawamura Seiji, this led into a love affair with his right-hand girlfriend.

No, this is not a hentai story.

Midori no Hibi is a romantic comedy manga that follows Seiji and Midori living the life of a couple with a slight twist: she has literally replaced his right hand. The manga is composed of one-two chapter comedy sequences that makes the most out of the strange situation that Seiji finds himself in. Through it all, we encounter quite a few of Seiji and Midori's strange and wacky classmates: a lovestruck class president, a femininely-cute childhood friend, a bouncy American exchange student, a weird mad scientist and his daughter, Seiji's gangleader sister... and a lot more. The situation comedy is quite funny and entertaining.

The manga's art might be simplistic for some, but its real strength lies in its cute and likable characters. Oh, and could it be that the manga is a bit better than the animated version? Why, so it is! Why, some of the more fun characters never even made it into the anime...

As the manga moves forward, there is also an underlying question about Midori and Seiji's romance: Midori, despite her bubbliness as Shinji's right hand, had always been a shy and unsure girl. Would she ever find the strength within her to leave Seiji and return to her own body? And Seiji, who had never experienced someone caring for him like Midori before, would he be able to let her go, when he knows that she might forget him upon waking? Would they ever find the strength to let go of each other - to risk losing what they already have - for something more real?

Follow Midori's days...

Individual Rating: Art 7; Story 7; Characters 9

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