Sunday, May 29, 2005

Baby Love

Genre: Romance / Comedy / Shoujo
Suitable for all ages
1997 Ayumi Shiina

Not available at this time.
Cover Description:
Seara had been Shuhei Seto's stalker of sorts ever since she was a little kid. She vowed that she will become his bride someday, but he told her that she should grow up first. Four years later, Seara's parents moved to the US and Seara, being a friend of Shuhei's family, decided to live with the Setos. The plan to win Shuhei's heart now begins.

30 minutes only? >>> by skysenshi

With 30 minutes of viewing time, it comes as a surprise that so many scenarios can transpire within a single anime title. Seara finds herself sharing a room with Shuhei’s brother, Koharu, and wastes no time plotting her way to the altar. She is determined to achieve the ultimate goal: become the perfect girl for Shuhei Seto. Watching Seara scheme is amusing. You can find her playing cupid to Koharu and his secret crush, buy breast enlarging gadgets, and even confessing that she drank a lot of milk as a kid so that she would quickly grow taller. All this despite the many obstacles that seem to come her way, such as the appearance of Shuhei’s puppy love and the unwanted attentions of one of Shuhei’s schoolmates. For a thirty-minute package, Baby Love does not disappoint. Even the open-ended conclusion seems to be quite appropriate. My sister, Thundersenshi, and I just could not help but be tickled pink at the turn of events, as well as Seara’s various antics. Now we’re determined to find the manga that Baby Love was based on.

The art is something we actually missed. Since this anime is circa 1997, you can expect artwork and animation similar to that of Sailormoon. In fact, Seara and Shuhei are dead ringers for Usagi and Mamoru (of Sailormoon) respectively. In the age of digital animation and 3D graphics, Baby Love is something quite refreshing to see. I’m only surprised that no US anime company picked this up for licensing just yet. Baby Love’s formula is akin to those of Marmalade Boy’s, Hana Yori Dango’s, and heck, even Sailormoon’s. And we all know that these types of shoujo stories will never run out of fans.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 9; Characters 10; Sounds 7

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