Sunday, June 5, 2005

Ai Tenshi Densetsu Wedding Peach DX

Genre: Shoujo / Magical Girl
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Cover Description:
This trying to save the world business is hard work, especially when you're not even in high school yet. And just when you thought things were getting back to normal, a wave of new devils has begun to show up. Throw in a headless demon and a chocolate monster and somebody better go get the Love Angels real fast.that is if they still remember who they are!!! After purifying the evil Queen Raindevila and saving love on earth as we know it, our heroes' memories were erased so that they could live happily as normal humans. But who's going to save us now???

(4 episodes)

Let the sappiness continue. >>> by skysenshi
Having never been a fan of the TV series, watching it only out of sheer boredom, I now find myself re-evaluating my opinions of this saccharine-coated shoujo anime. I'm convinced that it takes a certain kind of disposition to appreciate this one. In other words, just like Oh! My Goddess, this is not the title to watch if you're: (a) a bored housewife stuck in a dull, lifeless/loveless marriage; (b) in the middle of a divorce/annulment case; (c) a cynic.

The same concept you've known in the TV series is applied. We get to reunite with the Angels of Love, whom we've known as the advocates of love and justice. At first, you will notice that none of our angels remember being angels. They had asked that their memories be reset at the beginning of the peace treaty between the Angel World and the Devil World. Some devils, however, were displeased with the treaty and have decided to corrupt the world of their own volition. They've become leaderless, after all, and so they charge haphazardly into battle. In short, Wedding Peach DX has a monster-of-the-day theme.

It was a shock to realize that I ended up laughing at most of the love situations in DX. At least, they don't seem like Mamoru-Usagi (Sailormoon) rip-offs anymore and can, in fact, be cute in their own little ways. What's nice about this package is that, unlike most narcissistic shoujo anime out there, the episodes aren't centered on the leader's (Momoko) story alone. Each episode features a different angel, which could be great news for Scarlet fans—like yours truly. I didn't quite like how that ended up, but then that's just me. At least I got a glimpse of Scarlet's softer side.

The boys, who had been extremely active in the TV series, take a back seat on this one. Too bad, since their good looks are wasted on passivity. The villains, on the other hand, are sometimes hilarious as they tend to poke fun at action shoujo spiels in general. Hiromi (formerly Potamasu from the Devil World) even went so far as to scream, "What's with the speech?! Just kick his ass!" Then there's this mini-boss that releases tentacles from her boobs. There are also two particular character designs that keep recurring — two men that relentlessly try to ask the girls out. They're basically not the same people that come up every episode, but they have the same appearance.

The artwork and animation have improved tremendously, although they didn't deviate much from what Wedding Peach followers have been used to. Unfortunately, the angels' fashion sense could use some work. As it is, only the sophisticated Scarlet (Angel Salvia) can actually restrain herself from looking like an overly decorated wedding cake. The transformation sequences still display hideous wedding gowns, including Scarlet's, and shoes, save for Angel Daisy's and Angel Salvia's, that are really outdated. Some of the scenes and dialogues tend to veer on the mature side, albeit nothing that can be considered too lascivious.

Overall, Wedding Peach DX is a fun watch. I may have to repeat the entire TV series again just to see how it feels like seeing it without the cynical voice hanging over my head.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 8; Characters 7; Sounds 7

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