Thursday, May 22, 2008

Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney

GENRE: Digital Novel, Mystery, Strategy, Role-Playing
CREDITS: 2008 Capcom Co., Ltd.

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Description (from the Apollo Justice Official Website):
Rookie defense attorney Apollo Justice has big shoes to fill taking over for the legendary Phoenix Wright. He may be young and inexperienced but Apollo's confident manner, coupled with his unique ability to uncover witnesses' lies by studying their body language, will prove invaluable assets as he pleas the case for the defense. But as talented as our hero is, he wouldn't get far without the support of his assistant Trucy, a mysterious female magician and Kristoph Gavin, his ultra-cool mentor whose perfect logic and natural instincts have won him numerous cases and the respect of his colleagues.

Feenie!!!!! >>> by skysenshi (05.21.2008)
If you've been a fan of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and have developed a fondness for its characters, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney is going to be one hell of an emotional roller coaster ride. I was practically in tears when I began the first case. Not only has our beloved Phoenix Wright stepped down from being a defense attorney, he also figures in a circle of tragedies that spanned seven long years. This results in a lot of growing up for our dear legend. I don't exactly know if I should be happy or sad that Phoenix matured -- to the point of cynicism -- in Apollo Justice...

The mixed feelings this game elicits are quite hard to describe. I can actually say it's more fun than the Phoenix Wright series because a plethora of investigative measures are available to you. The luminol fluid and fingerprint dusting adventures of the first Ace Attorney game are back. Not only that. You can also investigate shoe prints, play around with x-ray scanners, re-create crime scenes through rotating isometric 3D diagrams, tinker with musical instruments and do many other scientific activities. Your DS stylus has more use here than any of the other previous installations. The beauty of it is that you use an entirely different set of investigative techniques for each case.

On the other hand, I miss Phoenix "Feenie" Wright's bluffing. Apollo Justice's cases are appallingly easy to solve. The only time I made mistakes was when I was half-asleep. I don't know if it's because investigation now involves more than just picking up clues and presenting them during the trial. Closer examination of Court Record entries have probably made everything too obvious. Then again, Mr. Justice actually has a better grasp of the law because he knew that touching anything straight from the crime scenes isn't exactly part of a lawyer's job description. But like good ol' Feenie, he blatantly violates this anyway.

Phoenix Wright's strength lies in its stories and while Apollo Justice unearths highly involving story lines, its characters aren't as inspiring. After witnessing the foppery of Klavier Gavin, a rock-idol-slash-prosecutor, you might actually wish you were facing Miles Edgeworth, who's just as foppish while not nearly as over-the-top. Maya Fey of the first three Ace Attorneys, though sometimes irritating, is preferable to Trucy Wright, a magician. Yes, I'd pick ghosts over bunnies in a hat -- or in this case, bunnies in magical panties. I hate the tacky costume, too. You'd think that with the improved visuals, accompanied by a mix of cel-shaded and isometric 3D graphics, they'd actually think about fixing the characters' fashion sense!

What I miss most of all? It's Mia Fey. Complete with the mole, the chest and the attitude.

This is not to say that Apollo Justice is a let down. It's not. Like I mentioned earlier, I enjoyed being able to interact with other parts of my DS more. I just want to find out what happened to the rest of the original gang. They were responsible for my addiction to the Ace Attorney games, after all.

RATINGS: Gameplay 10; Battle N.A.; Story 9; Visuals 10; Characters 6; Sounds 9; Replay Value 7

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