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Genre: Action / Adventure / Comedy / Drama / Supernatural
Parental Guidance Recommended
Credits: 2004 Kubotite, Noriyuki Abe, Dentsu Inc., Studio Pierrot, TV Tokyo


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Amazon.com Editorial/Product Description:
For as long as he can remember Ichigo Kurosaki has been able to see ghosts. But when he meets Rukia, a Soul Reaper who battles evil spirits known as Hollows, he finds his life is changed forever. Now with a newfound wealth of spiritual energy, Ichigo discovers his true calling: to protect the living and the dead from evil.

(190 episodes as of this writing. Still ongoing.)

Bleach is good for bonding moments... >>> by skysenshi (07.19.2008)
Nobody knows exactly why people find Bleach addictive, but it really has become a favorite topic over lunch and coffee breaks. My friends and I usually find ourselves huddled in some remote corner of a café, trying to dissect the inner workings of each of Bleach's numerous characters.

An older colleague would compare this with Dragon Ball: the battles, the cliffhangers, the ever-shifting sides from good to bad and back, the never-ending power increases, the rocks and mountains and hard places. If I were to over-analyze this anime, I would probably say that it has too many characters, too many fillers (sometimes illogically ordered), very little character development, too predictable and formulaic.

Yet I lose sleep because I keep telling myself that it'll be the last episode then it's off to bed...only to violate that promise by plopping the next DVD into the player anyway. The huge circles under my eyes can attest to this fact. Despite all its flaws, the characters are all unique and it's hard not to relate to at least one or two of them. My personal favorites include Yoruichi the black cat, Rukiya the willful but duty-bound Shinigami (Death God) and Urahara the supernatural shopkeeper.

Besides the characters, the action scenes keep you riveted and glued to your seat. At least, that's what it felt like to me. Every season gets more intense as they progress, with the exception of the boring Bounto Arc, which is an entire season of fillers and is in no way related to the manga. It's always exciting to see how Ichigo, the protagonist, would improve. There are so many questions left unanswered, though, which is probably why the anime looks far from over. Since the anime is dealing with death and the transference of souls to Soul Society, one wonders what happens to the souls that die in the other world. Again, another aspect for discussions over coffee.

Fanfiction writers would have a field day over situations, especially when it comes to the cute Omake Scenes. Bleach always provides one after the end credits roll. Sometimes they'd feature the different Shinigami and their shenanigans, sometimes it would be about Urahara's kiddie squad. Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), Bleach is thoroughly shounen, so love angles are up to the viewers to decide.

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