Sunday, April 24, 2011

White Knight Chronicles II

GENRE: Role-playing Game
PLATFORM: Sony Playstation 3
CREDITS: 2011 LEVEL-5 Inc., D3Publisher

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Press Kit Information:
Unsheathe your swords and adorn your shields as D3Publisher will release White Knight Chronicles II this summer, exclusively for the Playstation 3.

White Knight Chronicles II returns players to Balandor, a magic-infused kingdom of fantasy, swordplay and myth. Players will follow the adventurer Leonard on a brand new voyage set one year from his original journey, and master an enhanced, more dynamic combat system. Players will experience an RPG game that incorporates a variety of robust online gameplay elements with many quests, utilizing an active turn-based battle system that caters to players of all levels.

PREVIEW. >>> by skysenshi (04.24.2011)
Sorry for the late preview! The press announcement arrived in my mailbox two weeks ago (April 7, to be exact), but I got too busy catching up with backlogs (I'm a one-woman team now, unlike in the late 90s and early 2000s). The good news is that this game will be released in August 2011. Looking at the gameplay screenshots, though, I'm kind of sorry I rarely got around to exploring games beyond my favorite developers (Square, Atlus, CAPCOM, Konami etc.)

Check out their online quest interface:

But seeing as I'm the only one among my colleagues who doesn't have a PS3 yet, I'm left to wonder if I'd ever get around to owning one. (I want my childhood back, darnit!)

Anyway, this sequel is said to have a more graphically advanced visuals and has more than 400 weapon and armor choices, among other features that fans have requested. It also allows players to create an Incorruptus or what they call a "unique knight" that they can use as their own avatar for online multiplayer quests.

And here's the biggest bonus: ALL copies of the White Knight Chronicles II will have a complete and remastered version of White Knight Chronicles: International Edition. What a perfect way to enjoy a sequel! At least you won't have to go to eBay and buy yourself the first game just to get the best of the second.

Again, this game will be out in August 2011. You can pre-order a copy of White Knight Chronicles II at the Otaku Fridge Shop

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