Monday, January 1, 2001

Babel II

Genre: Sci-Fi / Action
Parental Guidance Recommended
1973. Mitsuteru Yokoyama (creator). Screenshots courtesy of DVD Emporium.

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Cover Description:
The complete feature-length compilation of the "Babel II" OAV series. Hidden psychic powers are unleashed in a reluctant hero who is transformed from a mild-mannered student into "Babel II," a supernatural warrior who must battle an army of zombies led by a ruthless Magus. Based on the classic science fiction graphic novel, "Babel II" is a spell-binding journey into the heart of darkness. Contains graphic violence.

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Psychic Action Unleashed >>> by firesenshi (??.??.2001)
You will notice from the art that this is like Voltes V. Check the credits below and you see 1973. It sure is dated but boy, will you look at the battle scenes here, it will just blow your mind away. I remember vividly the battle scenes in the ancient tower where the lead character Koichi battles the biggest boss. I promise the story won't be boring. You'll see for yourself how Koichi develops from a regular reluctant student to a great force to be reckoned with. Maybe you're thinking... oh, I know he's going to be powerful and all that, but that's part of what seems to be dramatic irony. You know that's likely to happen (it is in the cover description, ne?) but HOW he is to become that powerful warrior will let you in on a lot of surprises! Why? It's because this anime also infused powerful characterization in the likes of Juju, a beautiful girl who unlocks the key to who Koichi really is. In fact, her interactions with Koichi is the thing I anticipate greatly in this anime more than the battle scenes with the main enemy. You'll wonder along with Koichi -- is she friend or foe? This anime seems to be laden with heavy dialogues, though, and the comedic parts are scarce, but the very concept of psychic powers with the potential to become supernatural has long baffled scientists and has become the concept for leading movies. This is one of them. So when you decide to see this, sit back and be mystified.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 9; Characters 7; Sounds 7

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