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Genre: Mecha / Sci-Fi
Parental Guidance Recommended
1996. Masami Kuramada (creator). Mamoru Hamazu (director). Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Screenshots courtesy of AnimeArt.

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Firesenshi's Description:
In an age of great technology, great mechas have been made called "B'T"s. But Teppei Takiyama has discovered a special B'T, modeled after a legendary beast that is a winged horse. It's name is X. Although they have been off on a rough start, Teppei is beginning to have a bond with X and has even tied his scarf around X's leg. However, a strong empire of machines (the Kikai empire) begins to dominate and its existence endagers the life of the B'Ts. They are also the prime suspect in the loss of Teppei's brother, Kotaro. With the help of X and his friends, the kind and handsome Fao, Ron, Hokuto, will they ever shop the empire and rescue Kotaro?

(29 episodes)

NOTE: Some of the reviews were written sometime in 2001 and was recorded in the classic Otaku Fridge as ??.??.2001. Unfortunately the database would not accept non-numerical values, so this review is now dated January 01, 2001 by default.

A great blend of machine action and touching story. >>> by firesenshi
Stunning, stunning mecha design of all the B'Ts. I was always fascinated with mythological beasts such as the Phoenix, Pegasus and the winged dragons of China. Seeing them designed in exquite mecha form engaging in outstanding battle scenes makes me love this even more. One other thing great about this anime is that this is mostly full of touching side stories -- from the loss of Teppei's brother to the backgrounds of Fao, the story of retribution and saving the world is all the more justified. But all the more of course, is the relationship of the characters to their B'Ts. Yup. Each legendary machine beast has their own personality and loyalties and intellect. It's even nice to note that each character's B'T seems to match its master's own past and personality. The bulk of the story actually lies on the cooperation of the B'Ts with their masters. The relationships they develop is one fascinating one I've ever seen that you see how it counts in battle. And when you see the battle scenes, you'll not only be more amazed by the spectacular eye candy, you'll actually have more feeling as to what they are fighting for. My favorite character is actually Fao, who rides on Juteam, a phoenix B'T. I don't know why but I love eccentric, reserved and cool characters who just happen to drive big fantastic machines. One sad thing though is that this is not released internationally. I happen to see this on a local network. If any hopes of release for this is shown, we'll immediately put up the link. In the meantime, you can try such anime as Gundam Wing or Macross.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 10; Story 9; Characters 10; Sounds 8

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