Friday, September 7, 2001

Cyber Team in Akihabara

Genre: Shoujo / Mecha
Parental Guidance Recommended
1998 Ashi Production, directed by Yoshitaka Fujimoto. Created by Tsukasa Kotobuki.

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Cover Description:
A white prince gives Hibari a PataPi, a mechanical pet that goes beyond just a kid's toy-this pet has extraordinary powers. And now a mysterious black prince is trying to steal her prized pet. Hibari forms Cyber Team with others who own such pets. Together they'll try to solve the mystery, and PataPis' will prove they're no ordinary child's toy and this is no longer child's play!

(26 episodes)

More than just kids and their adorable pets. >>> by thundersenshi (09.07.01)
Hanakoganei Hibari has been longing to own a PataPi of her own. So when she receives one from the prince in her dreams, she is ecstatic, and fondly names it Densuke. But something strange is going on. Hibari founds herself being attacked by a mysterious woman who demands that she hands over Densuke. Apparently, there is more to her adorable pet than she first thought--and transforming into an older, female mech warrior version of herself is just one of them. Not only that, she discovers that there are a few other girls like her who own PataPies with similar abilities. But why only them? What makes them so special?

The first time I caught a glimpse of this show, I thought it was another Pokemon rip-off. The PataPi, a popular electronic pet as introduced in this show, is just as lovable as the infamous pocket monsters are. The main characters are a bunch of kids, too (mostly 12-13 year olds, and some very childish ones at that), but that's where all similarities end. ADG actually has a pretty interesting plot that I didn't realize at first. It definitely wasn't as kiddie as I expected it to be. Honestly, though, I had hoped they would deepen the plot more, because it had very original and fascinating concepts. It involved a lovely combination of ancient history and mythology that added mystery to the whole thing. I couldn't help but be a little disappointed that the plot development didn't meet my expectations.

The fabulous mechs called Divas are also reasons to love this show. I found the transformation/fusion sequences quite impressive, both in art and animation. I also like the music. The ending song, "Taiyou no Hana" is in fact, one of my all-time favorite anime themes, which is saying much. It's also usually accompanied with beautiful artwork that changes on ocassion, which is why I never miss to see (and hear) it at the end of the show.

Individual Rating: Art - 8, Story and Plot - 8, Characters - 7, Sounds - 9

I'm just glad I didn't pay to see it... >>> by Xellos-sama (11.04..01)

Whatever it is, the plot seems to concern Pokemon-like dolls that morph into large-breasted robots to battle even larger-breasted adversaries. While this little factor may seem just dandy to you perverts out there, you can't help but wonder if the target audience for this anime are all the pedophiles out there. There is just WAY too many 'service' shots of the little girls in the lead, and this disturbs me.

The art was more or less above average in my opinion, but it seemed to lack identity. The story was basically stock anime plot, and the characters, though diverse, were kind of annoying, and started to get on my nerves after a few episodes. (Most probably due to AXN's crappy english dubbing of the show...)

The one good thing about this series is the music. The openings and endings are rather catchy, and while I don't have the songs on my playlist, I wouldn't mind hearing them again. Also, in the original Japanese version, Megumi Hashiyabara herself is supposed to be the seiyuu of one of the girls. (This is what upped my sound ratings from a 7...)

Overall, I'm just glad i didn't pay to see this one. It's really not worth it...but hell, if you've got time to kill (or if you have a thing for little girls) go ahead. You might like it...

Individual Rating: Art - 8, Story and Plot - 2, Characters - 5, Sound - 8

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