Thursday, September 6, 2001

Tosho Daimos

Genre: Mech / Action / Romance
General Audience
1978 - 1979 Tadao Nagahama, Sunrise, TV Asahi, Toei

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Skysenshi's Description:
The Brahmins, the people who are known for their angel wings, have lost their home and have come to Earth in peace. What they seek is a treaty with the Earth people that would allow them refuge and a second home. Brahmin conspirators find an opportunity to seize power from their current king and systematically assassinate two great leaders during a Brahmin-Earth conference. The confusion that follows causes a tragic war between the Brahmins and the Earthlings, forcing Earth to unleash its secret weapon -- The Fighting King Daimos.

Meanwhile, Daimos' pilot Ryuzaki Kazuya finds himself falling in love with a girl he rescues from a battle scene. Little does he know that Erika, the beauty who has effortlessly stolen his heart with her charming innocence, has a secret that would cause so much pain and suffering...

(44 Episodes )

Age changes everything. >>> by skysenshi
While looking for information regarding this 1978 series, I had come across a webmaster who described Daimos as something that might never be shown again in Philippine television, but is a classic that will never be forgotten. What he said rang true for me. When I was in third grade and this was showing in the early 80's, all my female classmates wanted to achieve that Princess Erika look. We also wanted to be as graceful as her, and if possible, we could have an operation so that we would have wings like Brahmin people. We all would dream that someday we will find our own Richard (as Ryuzaki Kazuya was called in the Philippine dub) and live happily ever after.

14 years later, this giant robot anime was aired again on our local channel, but my perspective had changed so much. I realized that Erika and Ryuzaki weren't being realistic at all. Their love story did seem still as sweet as ever, but I noticed that people were dying left and right just so these two could be together. If people weren't dying, then some of them were being tortured by the supposed enemy for protecting what Erika and Ryuzaki had. There was a war going on and the only thing Ryuzaki could think about was Erika! How selfish! The funny thing here is that, the character I hated most when I was in third grade was the ugly blonde with an afro hair. His name was Kyoshiro. 14 years later, he became my favorite! He seemed to be the only one that had enough sense to keep Ryuzaki's temper at bay and at the same time watch out for his planet's welfare.

Still, I do appreciate this anime and is still one of the best classics that I don't think I will ever forget. Though my age changed my overall perspective regarding Tosho Daimos, it still hasn't changed the fact that I still think Erika is one of the most glorious anime characters in history. It still hasn't changed my love for her beautiful theme song Erika no Barado. Most importantly, it hasn't changed the memory of Daimos playing a major part in my life -- that part that still believes in fairy tales, miracles, and the thrill of forbidden love.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 9; Characters 7; Sounds 9

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