Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Golden Boy

Genre: Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
Egawa Tetsuya / Shueisha / KSS

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Cover Description:
Get ready for the ultimate road trip as wandering student Kintaro Oe hits the highways of Japan in the wildest quest for knowledge ever! Whether he's re-programming the president of an all-female software company, check-mating the malicious daughter of a malevolent politician, or defending the sweet virtue of a noodle maker's daughter, Kintaro's cross-country odyssey is guaranteed to keep your sides aching with laughter! Take a lesson from the Book of Love with Golden Boy!

Educational Ecchi Fun! >>> by icesenshi
In a nut shell: Twenty-five year old Kintaro has dreamed of being a computer programmer for years... but he ends up hopping jobs and meeting various "golden opportunities" along the lines of "near-hentai".

Can I ever say anything bad about Goldenboy? This anime is vulgar, gross and at times downright twisted-but that is exactly its charm! If you're looking for a bit of dirty fun sans the disturbing darkness of hardcore hentai, then Kintaro Oe is your guy. He's a wandering student
whose journeys are naughtily spiced up by his liaisons with a variety of impossibly gorgeous women. There's one for each place he visits, each unique in profession, pulchritude and sexual fetish, and at the end of every episode each girl is madly in love with him. Why, you ask? You'll have to watch to find out. The main problem is that Kintaro seems to go through life with a perpetually rearing hard-on that is often in conflict with his unfailingly good intentions. and this combined with a very buxom, smolderingly sexual beauty guarantees that you'll be breathless with laughter the whole time.

There is definitely so much to love about Goldenboy. be it the painstakingly detailed art, the diverse characterization, the brilliantly contrived situations and their creative kinkiness. But it was Kintaro and his "golden" heart who really hooked me-he is such a sweetie! Save for his irrepressible sexual urges, he is the perfect guy-a real gentleman, intelligent, thoughtful, kind and oh-so-hunky in his own strange, constantly salivating way. Were there real-life perverts this lovable? On the other hand, I also loved all of his memorable "Goldengirls". You're sure to have a favorite because there's one for everybody, whether you like them devilishly deviant or delicately demure. (I don't know if this counts as a plus, but in the course of watching Goldenboy, you'll also learn a lot about life in Japan and interesting miscellany as Kintaro pedals from place to place. Kintaro is, after all, a wandering student who seeks to learn as much as he can about the places he visits. Still, it is of course understandable if the documentary aspect of this anime is not foremost in your mind as you watch.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 10; Story 10; Characters 10; Sounds -

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