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Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
General Audience
Credits: 2000 Shogakukan, Dokubai, Sunrise. Directed by Masashi Ikeda. Created by Rumiko Takahashi.

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Thundersenshi's Description:
Kagome lives in a temple that has been kept alive for thousands of years. As told by her grandfather, the sacred grounds have kept its share of secrets and legends along with the passage of time. But Kagome had never really believed any of it, until an accident draws her deep into the well, and sends her to feudal Japan where myths come alive and evil strikes at every corner.

Her arrival at this point in time is divine intervention. The village she chanced upon is being attacked by a demon hunting a magical jewel called Shikon no Tama. Coincidentally, Kagome is the descendant of the powerful priestess who once guarded this jewel! But what does a modern-day girl know about fighting demons, anyhow? Desperate to end a life-threatening encounter, she unknowingly awakens the hanyou Inu-Yasha...and releases him from an enchanted imprisonment her own ancestor had placed. But if she was expecting a knight-in-shining-armour, she had better think again!

(167 episodes)

Rumiko Takahashi's done it again! >>> by thundersenshi (09.09.01)
I. Love. Inu-Yasha. Both the series and that kawaii dog-eared hanyou .

Rumiko Takashi did not let her fans down when she created this wonderful, wonderful series. It follows the Rumic tradition of charming wit, delightful characters and absolute hilarity. But what makes Inu-Yasha different from Takhashi's other anime series is that this time, we are brought to a world of 400 years ago (for the most part, that is). Yes, all the way back to the rustic setting of feudal Japan, meaning there's a lot more action and adventure involved. Not just swordfights and martial arts, though. We're talking about spirits, demons and spell-casting priestesses, among other things. Clearly IY does a complete turn with this action-packed, adventurous plot, but not without a bit of romance, of course. As usual, Takahashi's version of the latter does not smack us in the face like it usually is with other overly-mushy romance stories. Her approach is subtler, thus spicing up the character development.

I also find myself comparing this with my other Rumic favorite, the widely popular series Ranma 1/2. I did not really expect it, but I guess I've grown more fond of IY than that one. I guess the absence of a female lead character like Akane Tendo (whom, I should add, does not compare to Kagome IMHO) is one of the reasons. That aside, the main one perhaps is due to the noticeable changes in Takahashi's approach. They're not actually major changes; her trademarks are still there as I've mentioned earlier. It just seems that her style has improved greatly, matured for the better, as can be seen with the endearing complexities of her storylines, her new characters and their relationships. I was very impressed to say in the least, enough to admit that this is indeed better than Ranma 1/2. IY is probably her best series to date, and with it, Takahashi is undoubtedly made richer. She may be best known for her comedy works, but this also proves that she's more than just a comic author.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8.5; Story 9; Characters 10; Sounds 8.5

Why I love this better than Ranma 1/2 >>> by firesenshi (09.11.01)
Dakara Inu Yasha ga daisuki. And I know I have many rivals even among my own family but two words, who cares? I love love love him! I love his trying to be feigning indifference, easily irritable and charmingly sweet character. That only goes to show how great Rumiko Takahashi is at characterization. You've heard of Ranma 1/2 over and over again. That should tell you something already! Rumiko is fond of the greatest ironies all available in ONE character -- and these all work! I haven't even started on Kagome! I love Kagome! All the things I want to be done in anime heroine, she does! Whenever a hero runs off and fights an enemy, she doesn't sit there and gasp accepting her fate as a "I'm-not-part-of-this-battle-so-I'll-keep-out-of-this" cum less powerful sidekick. She actually does something! And defying the tradition of clumsy, 'adorable' character, Kagome is not only blessed with good looks, she's very smart, perceptive and witty! Ahh... but not perfect. Didn't I tell you about Rumiko's fascination with ironies in characterization? The ironies and imperfections of those characters are just so great, let me tell you... Rumiko never fails to create GREAT CHEMISTRY with all her characters besides those!

Surely, Ranma 1/2 has great characters too but Rumiko put it all here -- she put comedy, romance (and I mean romance, not the usual 'will-they-or-won't-they' love concept in anime), action, magic all in one great universe of demons and priestesses. Okay, so I'm done... flaws of this anime? Well... that my Inu Yasha's seiyuu is that of Ranma doesn't bother me. I thought the opening song by Jpop bishounen but not so great in blending boy band V6 would bother me but later I found myself singing, "I want to change the worrrrllddddddd."

So get this. Read the manga. Buy the videos and DVDs. Make a shrine to Inu Yasha and Kagome (and that guy Miroku too if you like). There are many reasons this anime is just great. Oh, and did I tell you I love Inu Yasha? And Kagome? I did?

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8.5; Story 9; Characters 10; Sounds 8.5

Akane, eat Kagome's dust! >>> by skysenshi (09.12.01)

In the essence of not sounding redundant, since my esteemed sister Thunder and cousin Fire have already said about 90% of what I wanted to say, I'll just say one thing: I'm in love with Inu Yasha! Uh, ok they've both said it and you must know how hard it is for the three of us to stay in one room and not fight over who gets to cuddle Inu Yasha -- as if hugging IY is even possible.

There's also one other reason why this series is my number one favorite among Rumiko Takahashi's creation: the Kagome-InuYasha-Kikyou love triangle. Both Kikyou and Kagome are stunning women and are far far above the likes of Akane Tendo (from Ranma 1/2). They're also useful, fast learners, and definitely not DENSE (I'm pretty sure they can identify a lecherous pig's human incarnate when they see one). When men chase after them, rest assured that there is a logical reason -- *ahem* beauty and brains. Kagome, in particular, may be in denial but she never never causes the same trouble to Inu Yasha that Akane Tendo's stupidity does to poor sweet Ranma. When Inu Yasha does get into trouble or go back down memory lane to do some sentimental sniffing, I'm always like, "Aw, you poor baby, come here and let me make it all better." Can you believe that this comedy could actually make me bawl, especially during the later part of the series when the reason for Kikyou's unrest is revealed! Other interesting characters to note are Miroku the lecherous priest, Sango the demon exterminator, and Kouga, who adds excitement to the series by keeping Inu-Yasha up on his toes when it comes to keeping Kagome's attention.

Gawd, I love IY! Now if I can only get rid of the other -senshi's karaoke-like singing of Change the World before I lose my mind and start singing with them... that Hitomi sings the second opening song isn't really helping.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8.5; Story 9; Characters 10; Sounds 8.5

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