Monday, September 10, 2001

Sword for Truth

Genre: Martial Arts / Jidai Geki
Parental Guidance Recommended
1990 WEA Corp.

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Cover Description:
They owned the land and they people on it, but one man they did not own was Shuranosuke Sakaki the master swordsman. Bearing his distinctive 'Scythes of Death' crest he walks alone and unafraid, cutting a path through those who stand in his way.

In this action packed adventure, Shuranosuke is hired by the Tokugawa Shogunate to rescue Princess Mayu from the clutches of a group of bandit ninjas, the Seki Ninja. They will stop at nothing to prevent him from succeeding and call on the undead spirits of Seki Ninjas in Hell to assist them.

Shuranosuke's skills are put to the ultimate test as he leaves a trail of blood and severed limbs behind him in a desperate attempt to save the Princess. Watch this classic samurai adventure and find out why Shuranosuke is a cut above the rest.

Ninja Scroll this is not! >>> by skysenshi

No, this is not Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series, although that set of medieval fantasy books is a million times more entertaining than this Ninja Scroll wannabe.

Sigh. It just can't be helped! I have been putting this off for such a long time, but now I really have to open up this page. None of my other cousins (and my sister) want to make a comment about this anime because it just wasn't worth wasting a brain cel on (mustering a reaction needs at least a small amount of gray matter). Maybe we should consider not wasting precious megabytes on this one too, ne? Then again, we'd like to document what anime we've seen, horrible or not. Anyway...

The cover boasts that it's "The best sword fighting action since Ninja Scroll!" Was there ever such a blasphemy ever been recorded in the history of anime? The only things this title has in common with Ninja Scroll are the blood and gore and probably the unnecessary sex scenes. That's about it. Story-wise it fails to come up with something as solid as as the legendary ninja anime that it's advertisers profess to equal. Don't get me wrong, there is great potential in character design, but there are just a lot of missing events that would've made this movie complete. Like, for instance, there's this scene where a government official of some sorts meets up with an assassin who is expert in the field of bare hand combat. After that fight, you don't even see the assassin until the end of the show. I don't even understand what his purpose in Sword For Truth is. For decoration?

Like I said, this anime just seems incomplete. If you want to get a samurai/ninja fighting anime along the lines of Ninja Scroll, why not just get something as worthwhile as Ninja Resurrection?

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 6; Characters 7; Sounds 7

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