Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Ninja Resurrection (Makkai Tensho)

Genre: Martial Arts/Jidai Geki, Fantasy
Parental Guidance Recommended
CREDITS: Futaroh Yamada / Yasunori Urata / Futaroh Yamada / Amuse · Phoenix
REFERENCES: About Jubei Yagyu Mitsuyoshi: Master Swordsman...And Shogun's Spy?

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Cover Description:
Join a nightmarish journey through faith and betrayal as the infamous warrior Jubei returns to confront the ultimate evil! Japan, 1614, the Tokugawa Shogunate bans the practice of Christianity and ruthlessly slaughters its adherents. The scattered survivors place their faith in a prophecy of salvation: a Child of Heaven will be born to deliver the faithful from their enemies. Yet hidden within the same prophecy is a dark omen. For it is written that should the promised saviour falter, he will be reborn as Satan. Now a new leader, Shiro Amakusa, has arisen to challenge the Shogun's power. The followers of Christ believe their savior has appeared. However, unspeakable treachery lurks within the Christian stronghold as the blood-soaked horror of the prophecy is unleashed.

For shame! >>> by skysenshi
That exclamation is only for the obvious ride it took from Ninja Scroll's critically acclaimed name. I think the creators already learned their lesson, what with all those reviewers giving this anime a multitude of harsh write-ups that always start with the protagonists' similarity in their given names: Jubei. Bear in mind though, that these are two different entities. The one in NS is called Jubei Kibagami and the one in NR is Jubei Yagyu. It just so happens that they bear an uncanny resemblance to each other if it weren't for the second Jubei's eyepatch. When you learn to look beyond that false marketing tactics, I think NR is all right. I mean, it still has all the important elements in an action film...uh, action. Well if you want to get dowrnight explicit then I'd better use the phrase "full of blood and gore" instead. It is a title that's completely on its own because the artwork and story are as complicated as any exceptional anime could be, centering itself on the Tokugawa era but using certain types of Christian concepts to bring out the best of an imaginative setting. They also seem to have based the character Jubei Yagyu from a well-known historical figure whose existence has inspired many fantastical Japanese legends. Please see the references below for more details about the real Jubei Yagyu.

The story, now that is something that only another sequel can solve because when I first saw NR 1: Revenge of Jubei , it took around three years before I got to see NR 2: Hell's Spawn...and they still aren't finished! At least I think they still aren't finished. If there's one word that best describes NR's plot it's "inconclusive".

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 9; Story 9; Characters 7; Sounds 8

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