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Kaitou Saint Tail

Genre: Shoujo / Magical Girl / Romance
General Audience
1995-1996 Tokyo Movie Shinsha. Created by Megumi Tachikawa.

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Thundersenshi's Description:
Meimi Haneoka is a regular junior high girl, but at night, her story takes a sudden turn. She transforms into St. Tail, the mysteriously swift and skilled thief who helps people recover their stolen items. So far no one has been successful in capturing the elusive St. Tail...but there's one who is most determined to try: Asuka Jr., a boy from Meimi's class, who helps his detective father solve theft cases. His encounters with the female thief infuriates him to no end, but to St. Tail, it's all just a game of hide-and-seek. He vows not to lose to her, however. His goal is clear: catch St. Tail, and uncover the truth of her identity!

(42 episodes)

A sugary-sweet Robin Hood. >>> by thundersenshi
St. Tail is a Robin Hood-type of story, but it's pretty much a very shoujo version (with various shades of candy pink [though not as bad as Wedding Peach, I assure you], and ribbons and short skirts!). To be honest, I had trouble rating this anime. I liked the concept (yes, I will admit that much); the girl is a mysterious figure the guy is longing to catch, but he got his heart captured instead. Pretty sappy, and not totally original--but I like it nonetheless. It can be compared to those repititive fanfiction storylines that one keeps reading, except KST is milder and much, much less annoying. I think if the characters were a little older, and the situations more mature, it could've been pretty interesting to see the chemistry flying between them. Nothing against junior high kids for main characters, but I could do well without the excess sugar that is wont to come along with the package. Or maybe this is just age talking. Girls of the same age as the main character, Meimi, might relate better, thus enjoying an anime like this, as well. The last episode is a pretty interesting one, and it stands out like an epilogue. Going back to that fanfiction-analogy I came up with earlier, I think this particular ending can inspire oodles of fanfictions.

Now for the verdict. Despite all its mush, KST intrigued me enough to check out the succeeding episodes of the first one I saw. I was curious enough with how the character development was going on to remember (at least most of the time, that is) its channel and timeslot. Not bad for something of this genre. However, I think it's just something cute to watch while I have free time on my hands. It's not something I'd be addicted to, but I can still imagine why some people (young girls in particular) would love it--which is basically the reason why I had a hard time finalizing my ratings for this one.

Combined Ratings: Art/Animation 7; Story 7; Characters 8; Sounds 8

A trollop through ultimate girliness. >>> by icesenshi
If you have an aversion to bubblegum pink or unadulterated teen mush, then take an early detour on my advice: this title is not for you. Kaitou Saint Tail has got to be one of the most unpardonably romantic anime mushfests I have ever encountered... and LOVED. The story is most definitely not new, but it gains intriguing momentum from its leads Meimi and Asuka Junior, whose perilously close calls with each other as thief and detective and as classmates in real life will leave you squealing from the thrill! Think Tonde Buurin meets Lupin III, with a romantic twist that deepens as Asuka Junior begins to fall for both the real-life Meimi and for the enigmatic St. Tail, and in his budding affection begins to reconcile one to the other... a development that violently jars his fanatical commitment to catch the elusive thief. I can hardly breathe from this suspense! Die-hard romantics, this will be your cup of tea. This is a simple story of young love in its freshest, pinkest and most magical... an anime that will leave you feeling warm and fuzzy inside.

But this is one question you're probably going to ask at some point: what is it about a fancy costume that makes everyone oblivious to your face? St. Tail is simply Meimi in a ponytail, just as Sailormoon is simply Usagi in a shorter skirt! Gawd, Asuka Jr can't you figure it out? But try not to dwell on it too much, or you're going to be missing out on most of the fun. It wouldn't be such an exciting story if Asuka Junior busted her on the first day, ne? And another interesting thing I'd like to note is that Meimi's best friend Seira is a nun-in-training, the first character of her kind I've ever encountered. And Meimi herself is a rather unique kind of shoujo heroine, with nothing but illusions and magic tricks up her sleeve, no special powers save for extra agility. Sugoi! This is why she appeals to me so much. But I digress...On the more technical side, the art is considerably well-wrought and boasts of good rendering. I'd like to note that the style, however, may not appeal to all viewers seeing as that it makes all the characters (parents and other adults included) look like children at times.

Combined Ratings: Art/Animation 7; Story 7; Characters 8; Sounds 8

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