Thursday, October 11, 2001

Elf Princess Rane

Genre: Comedy
Parental Guidance Recommended
1995 Anime Works. Screenshots courtesy of World of Fairy Princess Ren

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Cover Description:
Move over Indiana Jones! Here comes Go Takarada! He's brave! He's smart! He's Handsome! But how many treasures can a High School student find in his own hometown? Well, that'll never stop our energetic hero from trying. His abundant enthusiasm does pay off one day when, while running away from a very aggravated priest whose shrine he has just trashed, he runs straight into an Elf Princess named Rane.

Ignoring a language barrier of titanic proportions, Go starts tearing through the city trying to find the secret treasure that is foretold to appear. His treasure hunting plans put the wealthy Yumenokata Foundation and the brave members of the Fire Department into a free-for-all melee of confusion, explosions and intrigue. Meanwhile another Elf named "Leen" appears before Mari, Go's neighbor and childhood friend.

Will Go ever realize how Mari feels about him? Will Mari ever notice how her fathers right hand man feels about her? How many sisters does Go have anyway? Will Leen ever remember what she came here to do?

(2 episodes)

In a word? Disappointed. >>> by thundersenshi
Treasure-hunter Go may have unearthed his biggest find yet--the tiny, yet magically-empowered elf Rane who holds the key to his future fortune! Join them in their search for an ancient treasure, and meet the rest of the zany crew that spice up the adventure...

I tried liking it. I really did. I sat up in front of the tv for hours, hoping to catch something worthy of the rental fee I paid for the tapes. I've read a couple of good reviews for it, but sadly, I do not share the same sentiments. EPR just plain bores me. Perhaps it could have been better; the characterization, one aspect I usually look out for, is actually fine. Not terrible, but neither was it good enough for me to want more. I found the characters' humour bland (though with very few exceptional moments), and all these chaotic noises that I think were supposedly funny just irritated me. As for the plot, it has nothing going for it, either. The treasure-hunting storyline, though quite tired and used, could still be played up quite excellently, given a great cast of characters or simply a good dose of action and humour. Well, maybe EPR did attempt to produce these elements, but still they came out dull...

As I mentioned earlier, I have read a lot of rave reviews about this particular series. I've seen better, but EPR is not that bad. Maybe it's just me. You could give this a try and see how it suits you.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 7; Story 5; Characters 6; Sounds 7

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