Wednesday, October 3, 2001

Lain Original Soundtrack

Music by Nakaido Chabo Reichi
CREDITS: Pioneer, Triangle Staff

Lain Music
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Track Listing:
  1. Lain's Theme
  2. Pulse Beat
  3. Inner Vision
  4. Kiri no Ijigen - "Strange Dimension of Mist"
  5. Free Zone
  6. Working Man's Theme
  7. Tokage no You ni... - "As a Lizard..."
  8. Ahodori no Baraado "Albatross Ballad"
  9. Hill Road Ballad
  10. Toui Sakebi - "Distant Cry"
  11. Signal of Solitude
  12. Lain's Theme (Reprise)
  13. Jikuu no Kaze - "Space-Time Wind"
  14. Kazoku no Shouzou - "Family Portrait"

At first I thought it was highway robbery! >>> by skysenshi
If you're one of those people who got hooked on the Serial Experiments Lain opening song, then I must first start off with a warning. Duvet, which is the title of the OP theme, is not in this CD. You can find the TV version of this song in the Cyberia Remix album, while the full-length and the acoustic versions can be found in BOA: Twilight. Lain's Theme is not Duvet, but is actually one of the common background tracks -- probably second to Kiri no Ijigen -- that you'd get to hear in the series, which starts off with a soft alternative style and later kicks off into soft rock with that happy electric guitar.

One of the most notable tracks is Inner Vision, which is slow rock that has a wistful ring to it, like a walk on a prairie on a windy day. Tokage No You Ni, on the other hand, is unmistakably jazz and R&B -- how R&B used be before it got nearly undistinguishable from Pop and Rap music. It's definitely a refreshing sound that reminds me of those good ol' days. There's also Hill Road Ballad, a Western-like tune playing on an acoustic guitar. It has that old-world sound mixed with modern day capriciousness that makes me think of a handsome cowboy with long blonde tresses who spends most of his day sitting under a tree, chewing on a straw.

Ahodori no Baraado is another commonly heard BGM in the series, though it still remains one of the most eerie in the album. It surprisingly sounds very sad for a creepy track, which is perhaps the reason why it also seems so mysterious. Speaking of sad, you might want to listen to Kazoku no Shouzou's lonely lonely guitar. That alone could paint a picture as to what kind of atmosphere is heavy in Lain's surrounding environment.

If you're not into instrumentals, don't fret just yet. There's Toui Sakebi, Lain's ending theme, and Signal of Solitude which are equally as beautiful as the instrumental tracks on the CD. Some people might take time getting used to the vocals though, because the singer sounds like he's drunk and is about to pass out. Look on the bright side, at least he modulates his voice, unlike those rock bands whose lead singers have voices you could file your nails on.

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