Tuesday, November 20, 2001

Brain Powerd OST 1

Brain Powerd OST 1
Credits: Yoko Kanno. (Some lyrics) Gabriela Robin.

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Original Soundtrack
Track Listing:
  1. Power of the Light
  2. Ark
  3. Deep Trench
  4. Sonne
    Vocals by Arthur Stefanowicz
  5. My Little Pony
  6. Run
  7. Chemical Dance
  8. Butterfly
  9. Blue Tone
  10. Home
  11. Ground Zero
  12. War Ship
  13. Sparek
  14. Flow
    Vocals by Seika Iwashita
  15. Transmission
  16. Music Box
  17. Bridge
  18. Ephemera
  19. Field of Love
    Vocals by Kokia
  20. On the Earth

A different taste of fine instrumentals >>> by firesenshi
While this may sound cliche, I really just have to tell you that what struck me first is the cover. Fabulous manga type artwork with such amazing detail that you just may want to grab this CD just for that.

The first track Power of Light has light touches of piano that one is reminded of the wind and nature. Bagpipes fill the background in Ark and I don't know why but Irish-inspired music usually reminds me of the mysticism of nature probably because one is reminded of grass knolls where fairy dance. The Ark is just like that. I was actually surprised that I liked Sonne where I am reminded of the classical solos during Mozart's time as though one is hearing this in the theaters in Vienna performing for the Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire.

Butterfly is a nice piece. A song full of vocalizations of lalalala with no lyrics at all yet the guitar being the lone instrument captures a medieval melody. A soft magical piece is Music Box whose sound is as its title. I think all throughout her compositions, Yoko Kanno is very fond of the gentle music brought about by the music box since she keeps sampling it in such soundtracks as Escaflowne.

As always, if you find the musical pieces here are varied. While the instrumentals carry somewhat an organic feel to it, there is some variety such as in Ephemera where the choral sounds mix with tribal drumbeats. It's actually the first time I hear two different sounds in almost opposing genres merge together as one. Plus there is a somewhat acid jazz song in Flow where Seika Iwashita sings in sensual and pleasing vocals.

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