Monday, November 19, 2001

Tales of Eternia

Genre: Fantasy / Adventure
Parental Guidance Recommended
2001 Mutsumi Inomata. Xebec/ NAMCO.

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Firesenshi's Description:
Inferia and Celestia are two lands opposite each other in a world called Eternia. After a great war, the races from each land are still hating each other. However, a phenomenon called The Grand Fall wherein the two lands will collide. Meeting a strange young girl named Meredy who gave this warning, a young swordsman Reid Herschel, martial arts expert Farah Oersted and magic scholar Keele Zeibel are set on a journey to retrieve all the Summoning Spirits to stop The Grand Fall.

The journey is temporarily halted on an island called Velcarn whose inhabitants are rather strange from most Inferians. Its leader Xtushia is beautiful and yet filled with mysteries as the ruins of the island. Reid and his party meet another stranger named Marone Bluecarno, a beautiful bounty hunter with a dragon named Varossa. Recently, the Summoning Spirits have been reacting differently to the enchantment of Velcarn. Can Reid, Farah, Meredy and Keele get off the island continue on their journey to stop the Grand Fall?

(13 episodes)

Here's my missing sidequest! >>> by firesenshi
I have been a Tales of Destiny fanatic ever since. Now playing Tales of Destiny 2 on my Playstation, I really was surprised that they have an anime of this one. Actually, I thought that the anime was about the first Tales of Destiny, a story whose characters and gameplay I loved more than Tales of Destiny 2. The Tales series is actually a trilogy in Japan where there are three tales where Tales of Eternia, released in English as Tales of Destiny 2 is this anime's subject. Chalk that up as one disappointment.

The story of Tales of Eternia starts as you are a third of story in Tales of Destiny 2 in the game. There are glimpses of the story of how Farah, Reid and Keele found Meredy. I totally support that they produced this so that it did not come out as a retelling of the story in the game. Otherwise, the game would have been pointless to play. However, the sad part is that, you would not appreciate this story as much as I did if you didn't play the game. BUT it could also be argued that anime like these are made to reinforce playing of the game more such as other anime like Street Fighter and Orphen.

Actually, the way I see it, this is like my missing sidequest. The introductory parts you find in the game as well as the ending parts. In fact this anime ends with the whole party of Reid starting another quest in the game. If anything this anime is character-centered. You will have a vivid picture of what they look like, how they all act, plus some silly antics you'd want to see.

As a stand-alone anime, I hate to admit this to Mutsumi Inomata because I really do love his character designs in Tales of Destiny 1 ... but if you're not into the game, this can be quite boring. The fight scenes and battles plus a universe of dragons, Summoning Spirits and two worlds about to collide is indeed a great setting. But it only picks up in the four last episodes. My other disappointment is Keele Zeibel. He's quite bishounen and rarely have I seen bishounen so closely dressed up like that and nerdy. RARELY!

My advice? Get the game. That one has my rating of 9 on gameplay and characters. Get both Tales of Destiny. Then watch this one.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 6; Characters 7; Sounds 7

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