Monday, November 19, 2001

Please Save My Earth Image Soundtrack

Credits: Yoko Kanno.

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Track Listing:
  1. Past the Golden time
  2. Between the Times
  3. Passing is ---
  4. End of the Dream, Tears?
  5. Songs Not sing
  6. Vacuous Universe(Sky)
  7. Wound Wings
  8. In the Passing Clear Wind
  9. Slowly---Staring
  10. Ring
  11. ---of Blinking Dream
  12. Yearning Shining
  13. Exciting color
  14. Carry Heart's Pain on Wings
  15. Dreaming Time to the Earth(Sky)
  16. With Praying from the Moon

As endearing as the Please Save My Earth OAV >>> by firesenshi
Yoko Kanno always ends her tracks smoothly. However much the distortion or chaos there is in the introduction, she will always make it a point to end at a lower octave or a slower tempo using a string or use string instruments to add subtlety in the end.

Past the Golden Time has vocals that are pure fantasy. You will hear the opening violin intro prevalent throughout the Please Save My Earth OAV. If Maaya Sakamoto is the talent for Escaflowne, Akino Arai is one big discovery in this soundtrack. Akino Arai's voice is very breathy and soft, even magical. At times it even sounds so surreal. It sounds even as that of a prayer, a prayer from as far reaches as india or those that capture the mysticism of the East. While the influences of Yoko Kanno in this soundtrack may sound Eastern, I find great similarities in the soft instrumentals prevalently used by Enya. There are lots of New Age inspired tunes here that make the tracks here sound so seemingly reflective even magical and sometimes a nice kind of eerie.

Songs not sing is a fine track where it's amazing how the chaos of the electric guitar along with a few scratches suddenly turn into a choral hum as though chaos turned into angels singing. The tracks here fit the theme of the Please Save My Earth OAV very very well! The very theme of reincarnation is captured in the reflective pieces in this CD.

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