Sunday, November 11, 2001

Cowboy Bebop: Blue

Vicor Music Entertainment. All music and vocals arranged by Yoko Kanno.


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Track Listing:
  1. Blue (Vocals by Mai Yamane, soprano Voice by Soichiro Otsuka with Gabriela Robin)
  2. Words That We Couldn’t Say (Vocals by Steve Conte)
  3. Autumn In Ganymede
  4. Mushroom Hunting (Vocals by Tulivu-Donna Cumberbatch)
  5. Go Go Cactus Man
  6. Chicken Bone (Vocals by SYDNEY with sister R)
  7. The Real Man
  8. N.Y. Rush
  9. Adieu (Vocals by Emily Bindiger)
  10. Call Me Call Me (Vocals by Steve Conte)
  11. Ave Maria (Vocals by Jerzy Knetig)
  12. Stella By Moor
  13. Flying Teapot (Vocals by Emily Bindiger)
  14. Wo Qui Non Coin (Vocals by Aoi “ED” Tada)
  15. Road to The West
  16. Farewell Blues
  17. See You Space Cowboy… (Vocals by Mai Yamane)

The CD that defines Cowboy Bebop’s true feeling. >>> by firesenshi
The first thing that will strike you here is the album cover. I find it most unusual among all Cowboy Bebop soundtracks that have colorful, striking artwork while this one has a simpler monochromatic artwork of what seems like a floating "feather" as in its title "Blue." That alone gives you an idea of how the tracks will sound. As in all of its sountracks, you know that Cowboy Bebop does not stick with just one genre. At one point, you'll feel melancholy then it gradually shifts your emotions to a more light and easygoing one. The tracks are arranged very well actually -- in such a way that you didn't know what hit you with the last song. You'll move on the next lightly.

Mai Yamane, her voice deep and soulful as ever, sings the track Blue. If you watched Cowboy Bebop's ending, you know that this track fits it perfectly. It's a great track if you just want to be alone and reflect on things. Listen to the positivity in it. It's uplifting.

Autumn in Ganymede sounds like lounge music which then shifts to the conga drums and sax combination Mushroom Hunting. Remember the episode called "Mushroom Samba?" Well, this track definitely captures the comedic feel of that episode. Edward and Ein chasing their wanted mushroom man with this in the background made the mood of the chase seem more like a totally nonchalant out of the way activity which is really like the character Edward. As the vocals here, in his high-pitched, black accent said, "Let's kick the beat!" which means a start to the great Afro-jazz rhythm. Enjoy him talking, "Africa, India, Osaka, Tijuana!" as the percussion in the background wants to make you dance!

Go go Cactus man is your cliche Western track. But this is Andy's track. Remember that episode with a bounty hounter named Andy in his spankin' cowboy suit? So expect a cliche track with this character. My favorite track is Chicken Bone. Effortless vocals coupled with funky beats amidst a few soundovers "...destroy" to break the monotony.

You'll find symphonic sounds in the track called Ave Maria as though you're hearing Pavarotti or any of the three famous tenors. Road to the West was the background music used when Spike is thinking of Julia.

The clincher? The last one of course: See You Space Cowboy is Mai Yamane's other version of The Real Folk Blues. My favorite track. If the original one sounded too emotional for you with Mai Yamane belting out all kinds of passion, she sings rather more somber and soulful in this one. New stanzas are added to the lyrics to which Mai Yamane emphasizes, "Love never dies, Love never fades away!" (This she sang in English.) That just made my day. It's so Cowboy Bebop. It's so soulful.... so... blue....

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