Saturday, November 10, 2001

Hand Maid May

Genre: Comedy / Sci-Fi
Parental Guidance Recommended
2000. WOWOW.

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Cover Description:
Nambara is furious! Nambara, the self-absorbed, pompous, overbearing villain of our show has always resented Kazuya, the constantly distracted hero, and developed a virus to exact his ultimate revenge. Unfortunately, "revenge" became an accidental delivery of a 1-foot tall cyborg maid whose sweetness is only exceeded by her cheerfulness!

Will Nambara's schemes of revenge ever become realized? Will Kazuya be able to pay the Y1,450,000 bill? Join May and our new cast of lunatics for a wild ride to explore the cutting edge of computer peripherals...

(10 episodes)

At last! Something for the budding h-fan! >>> by firesenshi

Sorry... I don't like this. Although I must admit, I know some people who do, laughing over the supposedly funny antics... if indeed they were funny at all. Hand Maid May starts off similar to Ah! My Goddess sans the mush part PLUS a lot of ecchi parts. Kazuya, an engineering student, accidentally stumbles upon a strange site after putting the virus-laden DVD in his drive. When someone suddenly appears with a delivery for a CBD (cyberdoll) and after introducing the provisions of the Cyberdyne Office and the fine prints in the contract, the adventures of the 1-foot CBD May begins.

And what ecchi adventures they are. Sure I understand Tokyo's obsession over AI (artificial intelligence) and robotics. Discovery Channel has nothing but Japanese robotic engineers in their documentaries on robots. The whole premise of a cyberdoll with a maid program, such as May, who eventually has the ability to store in her 'memory' those that humans share with feelings is as cliche a concept as far back in the 1960s with Astroboy. So much for that endearing concept. The premise of the cyberdoll, however great an innovation it supposedly will be, in case (Heaven forbid) it becomes a reality in our science, is nothing in this anime BUT... some man's (wet) dream. Ah... but I am nerdy girl reviewing, so what do I know, ne?

The idea of a cyberdoll with a maid program, or 4 lovely CBDs who will do anything for you is what some men think of as a vision... as Britney Spears sings so sluttily... a "slaaave for you." Whenever the character Kasumi goes into Kazuya's room to collect for his rent, her scantily clad endowments are all over the place. Kazuya blushes but naturally. Wow! That is 100% service! I betcha you'll enjoy the gelatinous boob bouncing whenever Kasumi yawns. (Note to some men: they do not bounce like that. Reality check: they actually sag. Such is the law of gravity.) Aside from that, there are only cleavages and panties showing -- fanservice anime so common in various maid-themed anime. So much detail is shown in there that you can actually see the contours of ... *censored.* Trust me, if I want something like that, I could've gone straight to H. I was expecting a good comedy with all the fuss on the licensing of this thing. For all its worth though, it is not at all H unless it's all about ecchi . When the story wraps up in the end, you will become attached to the cyber dolls because of the conflict they are in. And for all that kawaii bishoujo goodness suddenly becoming endearing to you, story development in ten episodes is just too little.

It got me thinking though: Why that Cyberdyne company only thought of making women cyberdolls? In this era, women can also buy their own toys. So here's a question for the creator of this anime: how about hunky men cyberdolls? Yah... that would be a "great" idea for a script.

Individual Rating: Art/Animation 8; Story 5; Characters 6; Sounds 6

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